Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Weird dream last night

I promise I will get back to the subject of triathloning soon enough. But I do other things too. I had this very powerful dream last night, and I was wondering if any of you had any impressions on what it might mean. I have weird dreams every night, but this one really affected me.

I start out as a man fighting this war with a group of friends in a mystical, Dungeons & Dragons (which I've never played, but you get the picture) setting. Every time I help win a battle, I get a reward. The size of the reward depends on how much I contributed to winning the battle. We are constantly being chased and always on guard, b/c traps and deceit are around every corner. Trust no one. After winning a particularly big battle, we are celebrating at a tavern, and this squat, ugly man hands me my reward, a gift certificate for one night with a well-known prostitute. I smell a trap and am very suspicious but decide to check it out.
She is in this dark house like a cabin, and I go up the stairs to this room. She's blond in a white dress and gorgeous but obviously way too good for her line of work. We start to kiss but she senses I'm a decent guy and doesn't want to go through with it. I'm a respectful person so we end up just talking, and then, she gets upset for some reason (I think she's upset about her situation) and asks me to leave. So I do, and then I get teased by the group I fight with for not going "all the way" and for wanting to be in a relationship with her.
I get mad and leave the group (all the while there's this war going on). Then the dream shifts, and I turn back into myself (a woman). I go back to the house where the prostitute lives but now she is this very cute man, and we begin an alliance. We are fleeing from an army who is pursuing us. I realize I can bounce very high and escape by bouncing from tree to tree.
I meet back with my ally, and now we are in a romantic relationship. The army dressed in uniform arrives and begins storming the house but they are after me specifically. I reassure the guy and turn into a crow much to his astonishment. I then fly away and act as a spy. I can also swoop down and peck the eyes out of attackers, taking them by surprise. I feel a great sense of power by shapeshifting to a crow and everyone has a new sense of respect for me b/c for some reason, they can't shapeshift.
The whol time there is this gray wolf in the shadows, on the prowl, hunting. I am afraid of him but he isn't after me; he is a friend. I am very respectful of him. I sense he may be protecting me but he is in the distance.

Overall, it was a very weird dream but I woke up feeling very powerful and full of magic, if that makes any sense. Does anyone have any clue what it means?


Erin Nicole said...

have you ever seen the movie "ladyhawke"?? if not, tell me when i can bring it over for us to watch!! i own it on dvd. *L* really, we must watch this movie before you move away. the ending of your dream felt very much like this movie...

Rachel said...

never seen it. she turns into a crow and flies away?

G-Man said...

I have vivid and memorable dreams. All of them reflect bits and pieces of my awake world: people, places , things, issues, insecurites, pain, ... The list goes on. When I awake and reflect on the details I know they mirror what is happening or more often, not happening in my life. I think Freud may have understood more about human behaviour that given credit by more modern psychologists. Perhaps he too had another life in dreams.
My interpretaion of your dream: you, like many of us, crave a sexual release that is beyond your reach. Or is it?

Rachel said...

Everything can be sexual. A sexual act never took place in the dream. I feel the focus was on the wolf and the crow and had to do with reaching a place of power by overcoming an obstacle.