Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Already Week 7?

 Just got back from a trip to Portland to see my sister. Proud to say, the trip did not derail my weight loss or fitness goals. After the weight gain hiccup last week (which was due to bloat, yay PMS), I have now lost a total of 8 pounds! Feeling proud. Long story short--keep sticking with it, no matter what the scale says. It will all even out in the end. I also met my workout quota last week! Double yay!

Friday, July 9th--This was the day I flew to Portland. Luckily, it was in the afternoon so I had time for weights and a 5.5 mile neighborhood run with Juneau. It went very smoothly.

Saturday was a rest day in Portland.

Sunday, July 11--I woke up early and put on my running shoes for a Portland run along the Columbia River. It was cool, gorgeous and lined with wildflowers. I ran about 4.5 miles. My left ankle has been feeling sore. I think it started when I rolled it on a hike (which I due often). It's starting to get worse.

Monday was the day I flew back to SFO. I took a rest day. Felt jet-lagged even though I didn't cross any time zone. 

Tuesday, July 13--felt groggy all day. Finally went out for a 5.5 mile neighborhood run in the late afternoon. I felt groggy and slow. My left outer ankle hurt. I got it done and followed it up with a solid weight session. Juneau helped on the run. Run route linked here.

I finally did a google search on my ankle. Pretty sure it's peroneal tendonitis. Fits perfectly with the symptoms and my anatomy. I have weak ankles. I roll them all the time. I'm going to need to do some strengthening exercises to tackle this. I think I can still run through it since I'm only doing 3 days a week of about 5 miles. I won't be able to add mileage for awhile. I will need to avoid slanted surfaces and be careful of not rolling it when I trail run. 

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Happy Thursday!

 I've been trying to do 2 bikes, 2 swims, 2 weights, and 3 runs each week. Because I'm on summer vacation, it's actually been very doable. I was a little stressed about this week (Week 6) because I'm going to Portland for the weekend. I wanted to front load my workouts so as not to need to worry about my weekend trip. However, I felt very fatigued. I've been working out like crazy, without a rest day, which I actually think I like better (I can always take easy days when I'm tired, instead of a rest day). Long story short, I think I'm going to make quota this week!

Thursday, July 8th: Swim & Bike. Today, I swam in the local Burgess pool. I didn't have to make a reservation! I just dropped in! It was so much fun to swim in the pool for however long I wanted and just play around. I was pretty sore from the swim in Gull Park the previous day. Even though I had to split a lane, it was so nice to swim in a pool, with a pace clock. I did a long warm-up (about 1,000 yds) focusing on my stroke, mixing in back stroke and breast stroke. I find that back stroke really helps stretch out my sore, overused muscles from freestyle. I then did a descending pyramid, trying to increase speed with each new set. I'm slow but steady and can do a base pace all day long. I did about 2,1000 yds. I 

After lunch and a nap, I headed out on my trip bike (Torch) for a little ride. Something easy, short, and fast--I was feeling tired but needed to get on the bike. I knocked out 20 miles with lots of flats and some short hills. It was perfect. I went up Alpine, headed back on Arastredero and then home on Middlefield. Next time, I'll take Foothill home. Too many stoplights and stupid drivers on Middlefield, including 2 teenage boys in a black Audi SUV (LP# P3OUOUO) who squirted water in my face at a stoplight. 

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Gaining Weight and other Mundane Frustrations

 I overate one day--4th of July. I planned on it. I had been cutting calories and would still have a net deficit. How is that I am 5 lbs heavier?! Makes no sense. Despite this confusing setback, I'm pushing through. Continuing to count calories and work out. I'm hoping that over time, things will get easier and the weight will go down. 

The workouts continue! My legs have been really sore but I found that working through it actually makes them feel better faster. I haven't had a rest day in awhile but I'm beginning to prefer it that way. Rest days seem to become rest weeks for me. I'm enjoying the consistency and structure of my daily workouts. I feel like my body can always do something

I have been more tired though--taking lots of naps. My workouts are in the evenings, when I have the most energy. I'm fortunate to be able to have the freedom to plan my schedule with such flexibility. 

Tuesday, July 6: After Monday's bike ride (which I feel really good about--climbing Old La Honda), I was really supposed to swim, but it didn't happen. Juneau and went for a 5.5 mile run in Holbrook-Palmer Park and Lindenwood. Flat and fast. I felt zippy. I followed it up with a weights session.

Wednesday, July 7: Solid 1.5 mile swim in Gull Park. I'm beginning to play in the water and linger a bit more. I'm just having so much fun. I do a warm-up and cool-down in the cove by the beach. Then I headed out to Marlin Park with the current. Had a blast powering through the current and chop fighting me on the return. Very therapeutic. 

Monday, July 05, 2021

Going Strong--onto Week 6!

 The workouts are feeling so much easier and fun lately. I'm definitely getting stronger and faster! I'm proud that I've been consistent at working out and counting calories. Onto Week 6!

Recap of the rest of Week 5:

Friday, July 2nd: I biked up Old La Honda to Skyline and took Woodside Road back down. This was a challenging ride, about 27 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing. I did great, until about 4 miles from the house, where I bonked. My muscles were shaking, and I had to stop to eat a bar. If I had taken in some calories earlier, I would have done much better. 

Saturday, July 3rd: First, I took Juneau for a 4-mile run. I just wanted to get in a 3rd run for the week. It went great, until about 0.5 miles from the house, when my stomach protested. It had been awhile since I had woken up early and run without breakfast. My GI system is just not trained for that yet. Fortunately, I made it home uneventfully.

Afterwards, Alan and I went for an 8 mile hike in Pescadero State Park, near Tarwater Creek. It was hilly but fun. Very remote. Not that many people. Lots of beautiful redwoods. A few lizards, lots of butterflies. The land is very dry right now due to the drought. My legs were so sore the next day!

Sunday, July 4th: I needed to do one more bike to meet my quota for the week. Even though my legs were sore, I decided to do an easier ride. I took Torch up Alameda de las Pulgas, turned west on Edgewood for a brisk rigorous, two-hill climb, and then returned on Canada. It was a great ride with a few rollers, something new, and 19 miles. Plus, I got to burn some calories before the big feast of July 4th (cheeseburgers, potatoes, corn on the cob, watermelon, champagne, pie, etc, etc. I cooked!).

Monday, July 5th: Started off Week 6 right with a repeat of Friday's ride. I started off with Alan, before he headed off to do the Pescadero Coast Loop. Even though my legs were sore, I warmed up out of it and had a great ride. The pancake and egg breakfast helped. So did the granola bar at the top of Skyline. I finally feel like I could out to the coast and back (climbing Skyline twice). My next ride, I'm going to see if I can climb both King's and Old La Honda as a test. Should be challenging!

Thursday, July 01, 2021

Week 5-Trying to be Patient

 I need to try to appreciate all my health and fitness gains lately. I've been fixated on the static number on the scale. However, I'm getting faster. I'm getting stronger. I'm seeing more muscle tone. There have been positive changes to celebrate. Despite feeling a little "meh", I've pushed through and continued to workout this week as well as count calories. I am loving summer vacation because I get to focus on getting myself back into shape and getting healthier. Looking forward to some fall races!

Tuesday, 6/29/2021: did solid set of weights in the morning. 

Rode 9 mile recovery ride with dad in the afternoon.

Wednesday, 6/30/2021: rode Old La Honda to top of Skyline and back on 84. 27 miles, 2500 feet of climbing. Felt great, until I bonked, 4 miles from the house. Ate a protein bar and was fine. Tip: put a 3rd bottle of ice water in the back of your jersey for a cool treat and extra water!

Thursday, 7/1/2021: Ran 6.5 miles with Juneau to school and back to check on the fish. It was mid-70s and sunny. We ran through the Lindenwood neighborhood which was cool and shady. I relished in the ease of our pace. I feel like I've finally found my base pace again, where I can float along effortlessly forever. Time to sign up for a half marathon! 

Did weights after a nap. Felt good. Finished with some extra lunges.