Monday, April 04, 2005

Accomplishment of a near-perfect week: it's never enough

Well, I came very close to accomplishing a perfect week. Working out that is. I'm discovering that there really are only 24 hours in a day, no matter how hard I try to extend it. Focus on one thing, and something else gives. However, I am following some sort of a routine that is giving me comfort, and I feel like I'm on track.
Weekly report: 3 runs (22 miles total), 2 swims, 2 bikes, and 2 weight lifting sessions. Not totally perfect, but pretty good. I'll take it. What it's really missing is some good quality stretching.
Now as I enter my taper in the final week leading up to the 1/2 marathon, I can work on stretching and getting lots of lab stuff done. My interviews are coming up. And my committee meeting. Those are the most important, but the race-stuff allows me to relax b/c I'm trying to use it more for fun and less for competition this season. For this reason, I'm not nervous about the 1/2 this Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. It should be great.
Went for the first inaugural outdoor bike ride yesterday. Remembered why I hate biking in St. Louis as I had 3 near-collisions with careless drivers. I almost got sideswiped 2x and backed into once. It put me in a really sour mood. I got a raving case of bike rage. Unfortunately, I don't think it helps to scream, "Fuckhead!" when someone almost hits you. At least, it didn't seem to help for me.
I'm almost done with the spring gardening now. It's gorgeous. Our compost was rich, moist, and black. Full of juicy earthworms that looked like they had come straight from Chernobyl. Of course, all the robins just thought we were feeding them, and I had to keep shooing them away.
Now, I'm trying to focus in lab. Feeling overwhelmed with everything. We saw an incredibly bright, glaring shooting star streak towards the horizon Saturday night. It was incredible considering we were in the car driving into the city and the sky was full of light from the city, haze, and clouds. It came out of nowhere, and it was so bright, it made me shudder. Think it's a sign?


Erin said...

Yay! i can finally comment on my sis' blog! btw, Nietzche was a crack-head! heh, not really but anyways sounds like youre on your way to being a marathon pro, hope everything in lab goes well, but im sure it will. Shooting stars are awesome, sounds like a good omen to me.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel,

Your posts make we itch to start running. I am just walking 6 miles a day and at this point in time unfortunately I dont have the money to join a gym because I have given a lot of it away and the rest I have spent on buying an iPod Shuffle. What can I say...I have a 30 day return offer. Now I am going to fill it up with 120 songs...or maybe I'll upgrade to the 240 song one in a week's time?

And a sign...hmmm...interesting.

May God Bless You

Rachel said...

Good for you for doing so much walking! You don't really need a gym. you can set up a lot of stuff at home. You can start mixing in some running with the walking if you want to start. Do intervals. Maybe 2 of walking and 1 minute of running. Or try to run for one of your favorite songs and walk for another.

Rachel said...

Thanks for finally commenting! How's the swimming coming along?