Saturday, April 02, 2005

on fire

I've beet my lethargy, at least for now. I've been on fire. Getting all sorts of things done. I bought a suit today for my interviews in San Diego! I'm so excited/nervous. I also keep sending e-mails to this one professor who won't respond. I have nothing to lose. I just want him to tell me yes or no. One way or another. Respond, dammit!
My trick has been lists. Yes, more lists. I guess I didn't have enough. I have a list of my daily tasks down to the hour. I get as much as I can done. Of course, it's never enough. I won't be able to spend the 5 hours in lab today like I wanted because of suit shopping so that will have to be done tomorrow (there goes the gardening until another day). I want to do it all.
My pursuit of the perfect week will be very close this week. Close enough. Tomorrow will be a great bike ride. Outside! Yeah! After all winter indoors. It will be sunny and 70 and spring tomorrow. I can't wait. I have so much I want to do. I guess it's time to revise my lists. Afterall, it's been a few hours since I looked at them.
Anyway, after my 12 mile run on Tuesday, I worked out and swam at the gym on Wednesday, took Thursday off to get my hair trimmed, biked and ran on Friday, and ran and swam today. It was awesome. I did a 6-mile tempo run on the treadmill followed immediately by a 1-mile non-stop swim in the pool. With the new SwiMp3 player. I was exhausted. I got so thirsty, I was trying to drink as I exhaled underwater swimming laps. It didn't work out so well.
Hope everyone else has been productive too. Tomorrow will totally screw up my system b/c we lose an hour. My body can't even handle it now. I need to gain 3 hours!

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