Monday, April 11, 2005

My favorite healthy foods for the week

I go through phases of what I crave (I believe it's my body telling me what I need) but one thing never changes; I love to eat. So I eat well. It makes my body feel good when I fuel it well. My grocery bill is outrageous but, hey, food is important.

1. sushi--full of omega-3-fatty acids; the kind that prevent heart disease; also great protein and low calories (don't like raw fish? try broiled salmon--another favorite; baste it lightly in terriyaki sauce for more flavor)

2. eggs--only 70 calories a pop, these guys are filling and chock-full of protein; eat them scrambled, boiled, sunny-side up, or in an omelet

3. spinach (spinach + eggs = delicious omelet)--extremely healthy and delicious! great as a salad, steamed, boiled, or on a sandwich; Popeye was right; spinach makes you strong. Plus, it's full of calcium, folate, and other great vitamins (and only 45 calories a cup!)

4. bananas--filling and full of potassium and magnesium; these fruits are great for your heart and perfect for a pre-workout boost; they're easy to digest so you can literally eat and run to stave off exercise-induced hunger

5. oatmeal--I love the instant Quaker maple brown sugar oatmeal in the morning; full of soluble fiber; it keeps me full all morning

6. skim milk--delicious and great for the bones. Calcium and protein anyone? I especially love skim lattes (the caffeine gives me a great boost for workouts). Between Jason and me, we go through 2 gallons a week. We've already downed a half-gallon since Saturday.

7. low-fat yogurt--an awesome snack and also a great source of calcium, especially for those of you who are lactose-intolerant. The acidophilus culture in the yogurt helps digest the lactose and may also prevent indigestion.

8. lean beef--my weakness. only 1 more gram of fat than chicken, it's not as bad as people think. Plus, it has all the iron and protein hard-core exercisers need to replenish their systems. remember, one serving is the size of a deck of cards.

9. Terriyaki sauce and frozen veggies--a great way to get your veggies and maintain taste. Add some rice. It's soooo good.

10. other. Variety is important so mix it up and try new things. Nothing should be on the "forbidden" list. I love chocolate so I make room for some every other day. Almonds make a great snack with good-for-you fats, vitamins and protein. I also love granola bars for a pre-workout snack. I snack all day long so I'm never starving. It's when I get starved that I make bad food decisions. Have fun, and eat up!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,
You have no idea how much you inspire me by your words and the tales of your deeds.

I sprained my ankle a few days ago and I had to back off on my walking but was thinking of your advise all the time.

Thanks a lot for the inspirational words and inspirational items to eat as well.

Congratulations on your excellent run.

May your feet be gifted with the winged shoes of Hermes

Bless You

Rachel said...

Thank you!