Monday, April 18, 2005

Things that I love

Okay, I have a hate list so I'd thought I'd be fair and create a love list. These are the odd things I love, not the obvious things, like horses, bunnies, chocolate, rainbows, and butterflies.

1. The smell of B-Me (beta-mercaptoethanol)--a strong mix of sulfur and onions.
(Everyone else hates it. I guess it kind of smells like farts (I don't like that smell). I have a very sensitive sense of smell too so I don't know why I like it. I just do.)

2. Picking my split ends. It's very entertaining.

3. Long car trips. Very relaxing.

4a. Rain. Also very relaxing.
4b. Thunderstorms. The louder and brighter, the better. Very exciting.

5. My yellow couch with pink flowers on it.
(I don't care that everyone else hates the fabric. I love it. Scary thing is that my mom picked the same fabric for her curtains, and I didn't even know until later. I guess all daughters turn into their mothers eventually.)

6. Cleaning. Especially on New Year's Eve.
(I find it very relaxing and refreshing. I feel like I'm accomplishing something. I tried to spring clean in March but I couldn't b/c I had just done it a few months ago, and there was nothing to do. I was actually disappointed.)

7. Hot, naked women.
Oh, God, did I just say that? Oops. I'm going to get in trouble for that one.

8. Snakes
I love all animals whether they're cute and cuddly or cold and slimy. They're all cute to me.

9. Raw Oysters
They are soooooooo good. However, they made me sick 4x last year (stomach flu). I later found out they are often contaminated with the Norwalk virus, explaining all the stomach flus I got last year. Although it was a great weight-loss plan, and I love oysters, no thanks. I gave them up.

10. Steaming hot showers
What can I say? I love heat and hate cold. I like the water so hot that my skin turns bright red.

11. The number 3.
Very symmetrical. The only odd number that easily balances.

12. Working myself to physical exhasution.
Nothing feels better.

13. Being the center of attention.


G-Man said...

OK, appears by #7 I can stop fantasizing about you as my next massage therapist. BTW, I love the athlete pic;)

Erin Nicole said...

mmmmm...raw oysters....yeah, those are good....just gotta know the right places to buy them and you'll be fine.

Rachel said...

Erin, I'm afraid of raw oysters now.

Rachel said...


You can still fantasize about me (see #13). Although I think the fact that I'm married (to a man) may ruin the mood. However, I am attracted to women as well. That's just me, I guess.

G-Man said...

I will continue to dream of a very beautiful and sexually exciting woman who has great tastes (no pun) in hot sweaty female athletes. Perhaps a massage of three?

Erin Nicole said...

well, that's a nice invitation. :)

Litany said...

Split ends! Hear hear!

blake said...

Cleaning is on there? Welcome to Florida sweetie!

Erin Nicole said...

*sigh* i too suffer from a mild case of ocd...and the progression into cleaning every darn minute of the day has been something odd to get used to. steve is often rolling his eyes as i freak out over an un-made bed or a pice of paper on the floor...just thinking about it makes me want to go home and take care of business. *L*

Erin Nicole said...

please excuse my unfortunant spelling of the word piece. *L*