Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Countdown to San Diego

Less than 24 hours until my plane leaves. It's crunch time. Join me and witness this crazy path I'm on to see who wins: Rachel...or....the adipocytes. I'm loopy b/c I was in lab until 1 am last night. That's 14 hours straight. Whew. Those experiments better get me a Nature paper! Anyway, I'm surviving. Lots do do. More to come, including Rachel's essential travel list, exercise and travel, and hopefully crazy San Diego eyewitness updates.


blake said...

How are you functioning normally? I can't do so much on no rest. It kills me and my workouts too. I need a solid 8 hours sleep if I can get it (which I usually don't).

Rachel said...

Answer: not functioning normally. Very loopy. And I have been skipping workouts. Which makes me irritable. I'm not a happy camper but what else am I supposed to do?

Erin Nicole said...

good luck on your trip, rach. give me a call/e-mail when you get back so we can catch up--and watch that movie!! :)

blake said...

Forget about the workouts. Get some sleep if you can.