Monday, April 18, 2005

Sex as Exercise?

Well, I put up a new poll for the week--more G rated. I guess the jury is in. Sex is exercise. I guess that's an incentive for all of us to get out there and exercise!

P.S. Better to exercise with a partner.
P.P.S. Remember, the longer the exercise, the more calories burned. ;)


G-Man said...

Seems we have polls on a similar topic. Tell me, what would be your answer?;)

Rachel said...

As you can see by my recent posts, this is what happens to me when I stay in lab for too long (I'm leaving momentarily; thank God). Anyway, there were a few I wanted to check on your poll. I guess it depends on my mood. Friday, I'm exhausted and want nothing better than movie, popcorn, and sofa. Usually, after I've slept in on Saturday and Sunday morning, well, that's a different story.