Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Weekend

I had a great weekend. It was very busy but also a lot of fun. Thursday, my friends took me out and treated me to a very nice sushi, birthday dinner. Friday, I was out of town for a retreat with my fellow grad students. Out in the boondocks somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I presented my stuff in front of everyone (including my committee chair) on Saturday (for the second time that week), which was great practice. Came home, got ready, and went out Saturday night for Halloween (see pics below).
We went to the street party in the CWE. Everyone was dressed up. It was awesome. This one girl was a giant, air-filled penis and balls. She was jumping around and very animated. It was hilarious. The BLT got a ton of attention. They were all jumping around and body-slamming each other. I got a lot of attention too. Some guys said something like, "Take it off, baby!" I just turned around and gave them a hard stare, and they totally backed off. The best comment I got was, "Are those real." "Yup. My dad has them. His dad has them..." What idiots.
We were getting very cold as the temperature began to drop (especially the Playboy bunnies) so we walked down the street to Club Viva!, which is this awesome dance club. I danced with everyone there, and learned a few salsa dance steps, trying not to trip with my 3"-heeled boots. When Viva closed, we made our way back to a friend's apartment (above mine so very convenient) and continued the dance party until about 4 a.m. Needless to say, I didn't do very much on Sunday. Except sleep off a hangover. Hope everyone else had a blast too!

The devil, taking advantage of the Playboy bunnies. Posted by Picasa

the BLT! Posted by Picasa

my devil eyes Posted by Picasa

Grrrrrr! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Birthday Blues

It's my birthday. I'm in a bad mood. I woke up with a migraine headache. Came into lab. All my cells are dead and nothing to do with a defense looming. I have to give another talk on Saturday and go to this stupid "retreat" tomorrow (overnight) that I DON'T want to go to. Plus, I'm majorly PMSing. My computer totally fizzed out and wouldn't boot up. I had to call tech support. It's still kind of funny but at least I somewhat repaired the OS. All my friends are being wonderful. Every single one of them came and gave me a hug. We're going out to dinner tonight. They drew birthday balloons on my bench paper. They're so sweet. However, Jason forgot my birthday, and that totally nixes everything. I'm totally pissed.
Babs is doing very well after her surgery. She's in some pain but she's loving the extra attention she's getting. I showed the pet sitter how to give her her meds while I'm gone Friday night. I hope it goes okay. Babs is such a mommy's girl.
This week has been my "R&R" week, which is good b/c I haven't really had time to exercise. However, this time is up, and it's time to jump back into it so I don't lose fitness. I feel so stressed out right now. I feel like my whole world is being turned upside-down. Plus, it's my birthday, and it forces me to reflect on the past year. I'm 28, and that's fine. I just feel like I don't know what the hell is going on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fun Fact of the Day

A cockroach can live nine days without its head before it starves to death.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

good luck with Babs' surgery

Babs gets her surgery today. I cried when I drove away. I'm so worried. I can't wait to go and pick them up. Taz is with her to keep her company.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Word of the Day

Rest and Recovery--
In triathlon, since you are training for 3 sports and including stretching and strength regimens, you need to have an organized training plan or you will end up doing too much and overtraining, resulting in burnout and/or injury. One way to prevent this is to include a) 1 day off per week b) 1 R&R week a month and c) an off-season where the training is less vigorous and less formal.
In your R&R week, reduce the volume by about half and lower the intensity. Make sure you have fun. Keep it simple and loosely structured. Do something different--play tennis, basketball, or soccer. Go roller-blading. Be active but challenge your body in different ways to keep yourself fresh. When you return to your training plan in 4-5 days or so, you will be revitalized, completely recovered, and stronger than before.

Quote of the Day

"The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep."
- Robert Frost

Hot female athlete of the week

Amy Acuff:
Olympic high jumper.
Strength & Beauty. Posted by Picasa

1/2 Marathon Training Tips

A fellow blogger asked me a good question last week. I thought I'd post the question and answer here since others might have the same questions:

I have a goal of running in the Louisville Mini (13 miles) in the spring. I currently can run 5 or 6 mile runs, but I have seemingly hit somewhat of a "plateau" as far as what I feel I am capable of. I dont know if you have ever ran in a marathon or minmarathon (of course I know you have done the tris and dualathlons), but when you run during a training phase for that kind of distance, do you try to run as many days as possible, and as far as possible everyday of the week. Or do you stick to 2-3 mile runs a few days and one long run a week. Or do you have a few days with sprints mixed in with the long distances?

First, there are lots of helpful websites. I suggest you look up some 1/2 marathon training plans for beginners on-line. Runner's World has some good ones. Hal Hidgeon's (sp?) and Jeff Galloway also have some good ones.

I actually have run 2 half-marathons so I have a little experience. For a beginner, your goal is to finish and maybe feel good at the end. You'll want to plan out the number of weeks you have left until race day. You want to gradually space it out. I would plan on running 4x/week and doing something else 1-2 extra days/week that's soft on your joints (light weights, swimming, a walk, etc).

Of course, this depends on your schedule. If you don't have that much time, or if this is too much for your body, you can also choose to run less and have more off days. I found I did best with 3 days of running and 2 days of cycling when I was training for my half. I tended to get injured when I ran more than 4 days a week. Some people can handle it though.

I planned my shorter runs during the week and 1 long run/week on the weekend. If the long one is too taxing every week, do them every other week. This actually worked better for me, but you need to experiment. For instance, if I was running 4x a week, I might run 3 miles Monday, 6 miles Wednesday, 4 miles Thursday, and my long run on Saturday. Every week, I would increase the long run by 1 mile or less. You might choose to increase your long run every other week. Right now, I would start at 6 miles for your long run. The next week, you can try 7. Then stay at 7 for another week before increasing again and so on.

The other important thing (well 2 important things) is a) alternate hard days with easy days---the run after your long one should be easy and soothing, perhaps on the treadmill. The second thing is to make sure you go extra slow for your long runs. You should feel like you are going too slow at the beginning. It will feel harder by the last 2 miles. Be sure to have at least one complete rest day a week (you don't need to lay on the sofa all day on this day; just no structured, formal exercise). Be sure to include a Yoga or stretching regime to prevent injury, especially after your runs. Also, make sure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet. You'll need to have more carbs and you may need to increase your calorie intake. It's also very important to stay hydrated. I recommend carrying a fuel belt for runs over 6 miles with PowerAde or Gatorade or some kind of sports drink that agrees with your stomach. It makes a huge difference. You also want to eat a small, post-recovery meal after your hard runs that is rich in carbs with some proteins. I've been loving high-fiber cereal with skim milk for this. See what you crave. Listen to your body and adjust any plan you follow for you.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Rachel Needs... (comprehensive)

This is what happens when I type the above in Google. It's fun. Try it with your name!

So true, so true:
1. Rachel Needs Money.
2. Rachel needs to stop being so loud. (my personal favorite)
3. Rachel needs to learn to edit herself a little.
4. Rachel needs some writing done.
5. Rachel needs a bit of fuelling up in the evenings.
6. Rachel needs a couple more desserts.
7. Rachel needs to focus.
8. Rachel needs to be commended for staying calm in the midst of the storm.
9. Rachel needs some motrin!!!
10. Rachel needs to sleep
11. Rachel needs a MIRACLE! Does anyone know where to order one???
12. Rachel needs a proper career.

Ha Ha Ha Ha!
1. Rachel needs a good time with a black sheep like himself.
2. Rachel needs an escort for a charity ball.
3. Rachel needs the drugs.
4. Rachel needs another huge hit.
5. Rachel needs to know that she is not alone in her hallucinatory world.
6. Rachel needs oiling!
7. Rachel needs to let em out but she doesn't so we just see nice bra shot.

Ouch! That hurts!
1. Rachel needs a sign for her hips that say Wide Load.
2. Rachel needs to lose a few kilos, especially on her double chin.
3. Rachel needs to shut the hell up.
4. Rachel needs to stop acting like a brat.
5. Rachel needs a shower.
6. Rachel needs someone to bring her down to earth, not put her on a pedestal.
7. Rachel needs to grow up- ZING! ...
8. Rachel needs a diaper change.
9. Rachel needs someone to call her on all of her self-centeredness.
10. Rachel needs to wise up a little bit. Sometimes she almost seems stupid.
11. Rachel needs to stop kidding herself.
12. rachel needs to get over it.

Mental health issues:
1. Rachel needs time to chill out.
2. Rachel needs to hide out for several months.
3. Rachel needs distraction and action.
4. Rachel needs an escape route.
5. Rachel needs to lighten up and have some fun in her life.
6. Rachel needs a good laugh.
9. Rachel needs to buck-up.
10.Rachel needs to be sure her humor is not lost.
Deeper Meanings--
1. Rachel needs to just be understood.
2. Rachel needs to find out who she is.
3. Rachel needs to get her life and herself together.
4. Rachel needs to do some serious soul searching.
The truth hurts--
1. Rachel needs constant attention and help.
2. Rachel needs to be an only pet.
3. Rachel needs to feel like the victim all the time.
1. Rachel needs to be rooted to the ground and is afraid to leave her basement.
2. Rachel needs therapy.
3. Rachel needs to be locked away into a mental institution.

How pathetic am I?
1. Rachel needs your prayers!!!!!!!
3. Rachel needs around-the-clock care.
4. Rachel needs help from her friends.
5. Rachel needs much more help than either or both of us can regularly provide.
6. Rachel needs lots of supervision.
7. Rachel needs a lot of TLC right now.
8. Rachel needs protection now more than ever.
9. Rachel needs a friend.
10. Rachel needs guidance and normal supervision.

Health issues:
1. Rachel needs medical treatment for pyelonephritis.
2. Rachel needs to have a Bone Marrow Donor.
3. Rachel needs to go to the hospital.
4. Rachel needs a kidney transplant
5. Rachel needs A-negative blood platelets!!!
6. Rachel needs surgery

Just plain random (but hysterical, nonetheless):
1. Rachel needs to have blush that is very bright and colorful.
2. Rachel needs to squeeze that turnip some more.
3. Rachel needs to be killed by the Joker.
4. rachel needs to get on her boot camp workout.
5. Rachel needs to duck to make it through this doorway.
6. Rachel needs special mention for getting her ass out of bed when everybody else was busy sleeping their hangover through, and running to the park, merely armed with bright coloured ribbons, landmines, barb wire and a pack of mean German shepherds.
7. Rachel needs to wear some armor in this line of work, because the venus flytrapsshe produces don't exactly favor plain old flies.
8. Rachel needs a smaller accordion.
9. Rachel needs to meet a very hot poker and wear a dunce cap.
10. Rachel needs private sponsors to cover her pageant entrance fee.
11. Rachel needs money for hair extensions, and Kmart just isn't goingto do the job.
12. Rachel needs to free herself from the tight bondage if she plans on stopping THE IMPOSTER!
13. Rachel needs plenty of time to play house, sing to her dollies, color, dress up,and create play dough buffets.
14. Rachel needs her some dance lessons.
15. Rachel needs to develop more and start kicking some supernatural [stuff] insteadof getting caught in traps all the time.
16. Rachel needs help when she enters Manhattan's meat-packing district to help three transvestite hookers find out who murdered one of their friends -- and whether one of them might be the next victim.
17. Rachel needs to bitch slap her a good one!!

It's scary how accurate some of these are! (The Internet knows all....)


I escaped from lab for an hour today to take a dip in the pool. I wish I could get the courage and energy up to go more often. The Wash. U. pool is only open for a few hours each day so I have this tiny window to make it. It felt soooo good to plunge into the water and take off. It's always cold in the beginning. To warm up, I do 2 laps of breaststroke. I like this stroke b/c I can speed up or slow down accordingly. I then alternate 1 lap backstroke and 1 lap freestyle 3 or 4 times to warm up. Backstroke is great b/c is works and stretches muscles opposite of those used in freestyle so you work everything. Plus, you can practice turning on your side and using your body from all angles. I then swam 500 meters freestyle at a leisurely pace, focusing on form. It was soooo meditative. I could have gone 500 more. I then did a few drills and than swam 500 meters at a slightly faster pace. That about wrapped it up for me. I feel fresh after that work out. Happy too, because it's getting easier, which means I'm finally getting some fitness back.

Babs--my little pee-pee girl. Posted by Picasa

Nip/Tuck for Babs

Well, I brought Babs into the vet today. Her urethra was very inflamed and she's well on her way to getting another UTI. She never healed properly from her attack, and her vulva is twisted, causing her to pee on herself. Poor Pee Pee Girl. Since this has become a chronic problem, the vet suggested another surgery to straighten out her vulva and center her urethra. She's also going to remove some of the excess scar tissue around the area. She called it plastic surgery for bunnies. I thought that was amusing. Babs was sent home after a butt bath and shave with 14 more days of antibiotics (and a vet bill). She leapt into my arms twice at the vet's office and nipped my jacket fiestily afterwards. She's so spunky. She goes in for surgery on Tuesday. Taz will keep her company. I'm optimistic. It's minor surgery, and she's a tough girl. I'm glad we can take care of this problem so she can get back to having a normal life.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Exhausted but proud of myself

I still didn't get to the pool last night. However, I didn't nap, and I got my ass off the couch and went grocery shopping, ran some errands, changed litterboxes, cleaned the apartment, and then jumped on the bike and had a hard spinning session for an hour. Now if I could just get to bed earlier.
Lab is getting hectic. I'm so glad I have this tech from heaven to help me. It's wonderful. Meanwhile, I have to take Babs back to the vet tomorrow b/c she's starting to get another UTI. Poor baby girl.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I have narrowed it down to these finalists for my tattoo. It's going to go on my lower abdomen, beside my left hip. I want it to be simple, mostly black with some red accents, and small to medium size. What do you think?  Posted by Picasa

A run in the park

I decided to go for a little 3 mile run with my friend Hurricane Carlitos yesterday. Anxious that it was getting dark, I pestered him as he finished up his lab stuff while giving myself a good stretch. I felt kind of tired but I knew a run would wake me up. Plus, since Carlitos doesn't run all that much, I figured it would be kind of easy-going and relaxing.
We get into the park, and Carlitos takes off, setting the pace. My ego got the better of me, and I matched him, figuring he would tire in a mile or so. Well, he may have been tired but he didn't slow down. We whizzed past other runners and darted up the hills as we rounded the mounted police. I took deep slow breaths to try to avert the stitch that was creeping up my side.
We hit some down-hills, and I coasted, focusing on taking short, quick steps. I had on my new racing flats (New Balance 900s--they rock), and they made me feel light and fast. Coasting downhill gave me a little adrenaline rush and I picked up the pace slightly, which Carlitos easily matched (he used to run track).
The end was in sight. I pointed out the ice skating rink to Carlitos. He perked up slightly. I think he was hurting more than he let on. He said, "I have a cramp," but with my shuffle on and my heart pounding, all I heard was, "Crank it!" That's all I needed. I took off, much to Carlitos' dismay as he tried to keep up with a hand on his side in mild agony.
It was over almost as quickly as it started. We got back to the med school as the sun set, dripping in sweat (well, Carlitos maybe). The run taxed me more than I realized because after I got home and ate, all I could do was lay on the sofa. I felt like I do after a hard race. I guess I pushed it kind of hard but it was fun, nonetheless.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Daily Workout Report

Well, I was a good girl last night. I biked for a solid hour even though my quads were screaming at me (still sore from all the dancing on Saturday night). Then, I weight lifted for an hour before bed. I'm slightly sore this morning but not too bad. I'm off for a run and hopefully a swim. Ugh, it's so hard to actually get into the pool for some reason. I need a swim buddy but not many people here swim.

As far as the tattoo goes, for right now, I've decided to do a temporary tattoo, like henna with a stencil of a dragon, for Halloween instead of permanent. I can decide how much I like it before going permanent. Afterall, I already have the huge fish already.

What about this one?

 Posted by Picasa


I'm thinking of getting another tattoo. Below my belly button on my lower abdoment. Small, simple, mostly black. I like tribal animals. I'm really drawn to scorpions since I'm a Scorpio. I like the three pictured below. Which one is your favorite?

scorpion tattoo

I would get something like this with some red accents. what do you think? Posted by Picasa

another cool tattoo

I love this tattoo too. I'm having a hard time deciding what I should get. Posted by Picasa

cool tattoo!

I like this tattoo! It's not a scorpion, however. Posted by Picasa

orange eyeshadow!

good makeup ideas for being a demon on Halloween. Posted by Picasa

Elizabeth Hurley from "Bedazzled"

I would love to look like her for my devil outfit for Halloween. However, given that I don't have that body (and that it will be colder), I will be wearing more clothing. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 17, 2005

Demon Eyes

These are what my eyes will look like on Halloween. I got colored contacts. I'm going to be a devil. Like Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled. Posted by Picasa

Off Season and Prep Phase

Now that it's October, it's officially the off-season. This is a time where you are supposed to let your body recoup from all the hard work and reflect on how your season went before planning for the next one.
My case is slightly different. I had a very slow season to begin with so my body doesn't need time off (yet). I'd like to get in better shape and earn that time off, however. On the other hand, I don't want to overdo it and burn out in the future. So, I'm using this "off" season to put myself on an even playing field with all the other triathletes who had a vigorous season.
First off, I'm planning out my training schedule. The first thing you start to do is the Preparatory Phase. This gets your body used to working out again. Since I had taken a good 6 weeks off, I definitely need this. I'm in this phase now.
This is where you can have fun with your workouts and enjoy them. Avoid intense or hard workouts where you're pushing yourself too much. No stop watches or heart rate monitors. Just you and the great outdoors. A time to enjoy being in the present moment and play. This goes hand-in-hand with off-season goals. If you have other sports you enjoy: soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, cross-country skiing, roller-blading....this is the time to do them. I don't have snow or roller blades. I would love to play some B-ball but it's hard to find buddies to do that with. I really love biking, running, and swimming so I'm just playing around and making my workouts with those things fun.
In the gym, you can try the stair stepper or ellipitical to challenge your body in different ways. Take a new class like aerobics or dance. All these things are great way to maintain fitness and keep yourself fresh. I'm trying to do more Yoga to stretch all my tight muscles. And I'm weight-lifting pretty heavily; I have a lot to gain in this area since I'm a woman and can really benefit from muscle mass.
The key is to make it fun and keep it short. A little something every day. Keep the volume high, as you would for the training season but keep the duration of each workout short. I also make sure every week has 1 day off so I get some flexibility. I'm also throwing in R&R weeks every 4th week--where I cut the volume by 50% and do more relaxing things like taking walks, photograpy, painting, reading, etc. You can't go full blast all the time. Try it. You'll see how much more you improve when you budget in rest days.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Finding my pace--day to day

I'm an all or nothing person. One day, I'm running around like made, accomplishing everything. I feel manic; nothing can get in my way. Then, other days, I'm exhausted and it takes everything to get off the sofa. I see-saw back and forth. I wish I could find a happy medium.
After a crazy run-around Thursday, I was exhausted Friday and came home and basically went to sleep at 7 p.m. Saturday, I felt groggy all day. I laid around. Finally, at 6, I put my ass into gear and eeked out a weight-lifting session and a pretty nice 4-mile run on the treadmill. I got to try out my new racing flats--New Balance 900s. They were very comfortable. I actually kind of really like them. After that, I rushed off to lab and did what I had to do since I had put it off all day (my cells weren't happy). Then, I dolled myself up and went out with some friends to bar with a live band to go dancing. (I was late for my friends too--I felt so bad).
It was awesome! I don't go out much, and it was so great to dress up and have fun. I love dancing--you're socializing and moving around and burning off those drinks all at the same time. I danced for at least 2 hours straight! I'm pretty sore today--I don't know if it's from the running, lifting, dancing, or a combination of the three. I drank 2 margaritas and 2 beers--a lot for me and my little 120 lb body.
I don't normally drink so I was very proud of myself that my hangover was quite manageable this morning. I made myself drink 16 ounces of water before I went to bed and then again when I woke up to pee. Plus, I took 2 Ibuprofen when I went to bed and then another 2 after I woke up late this morning (along with a pre-emptive Pepcid for my tummy). All I had was a headache, and the advil, water, and coffee took care of that! This is coming from a person who used to get terrible bouts of dry-heaving the next day so I am tickled with myself! Yipee! Anyway, it was so much fun last night. And I looked HOT--even if I do say so myself. It was a great confidence booster.
Now I'm at lab, making up for yesterday. I'm being good. I may be missing my swim, but this is more important. I'm proud of myself for putting some weekend time in here; afterall, it is crunch time. I'm still hoping to get out for a bike ride and enjoy the wonderful, sunny, 75 degree weather we're getting. Fall is the one time of the year the weather is nice in St. Louis.

Calorie Expenditure for Saturday:
BMR: 1500
Run 4 mi: 400 calories
Weight lift 1 hour: 200
Dance 2 hours: 600
Total: 2700


Friday, October 14, 2005

Hot female athlete of the week

Franzi VanAlmsick--top female swimmer and very beautiful too
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Bike Ride Too

All I can say is that I slept like a baby last night. After my swim, I took Bluebell out for a spin a couple times around the park. My quads were burning afterwards. Then, I ran some errands, came home, did some Yoga, and crashed. I slept in this morning. I'm a little sore. I can't wait to try out the new racing flats I bought yesterday (New Balance 900s). I'm excited because I finally feel like I'm regaining some fitness. I hope soon I'll have a cute body to show for it.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

great swim

Yea! At lunch today, I snuck off to the gym and swam...for an hour...1 and 1/3 miles! Today was the first swim I've had since I've been out of it where I felt like I could keep pace and get in my groove without that "heavy" feeling.

Crossing off the List

So far today, much better. I'm being very productive. Last night, I had a terrific run and a longer than expected vegetative recovery state on the sofa. Later, after way too much chocolate and cookies, I coaxed myself into a very intense weight lifting session. I'm sore today so I know it worked! Then, I was able to pick up the apartment and even iron! I finished it off with some relaxing and stretching Yoga. I went to bed earlier and slept much better. Is it a sign that I'm getting old if these little things make me happy?
I woke up early for me this morning by setting my alarm in the bathroom to the radio and letting myself gradually wake up. I had time to pick up a package, a prescription, and go grocery shopping! I'm hoping to do lots more today. If I can get it all done, I'll be a happy girl.
Lab is going well. I've been "given" a technician to help me with my experiments, which frees me up to work on my thesis! I love my P.I.! This is awesome! Anyway, I have three presentations in 2 weeks to get my ass in gear for. They're right around my birthday, which I'm dreading (more than usual) this year. Ugh. I'm just not going to think about it.

Best moment of my day yesterday: Having time to go for an afternoon run on a perfect St. Louis fall day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Top 10 Things I've Done This Week

1. Substituted exercise in favor of eating rotisserie chicken with my bare hands and an ice cream sundae (with a spoon).
2. Tried to go to bed earlier only to toss and turn for 2 hours.
3. Stubbed my toe on the desk so hard that I fell to the ground, writhing and moaning for 5 minutes, totally freaking out Babs. (I have barely a bruise to show for the torture I endured.)
4. Stuffed myself with chocolate-covered espresso beans only to promptly fall asleep on the sofa at 8 p.m. for a 2-hour nap.
5. Held an emergency bonding session after Babs went psycho and attacked both Oscar and poor little Taz.
6. Enthusiastically cleaned the apartment and threw out garbage while Taz ran up and down the hallway (highlight of my day).
7. Had nightmares all night that the temperature of the water bath where I was incubating my ligations overnight was too high.
8. Broke out in itchy lesions all over my body. Again.
9. Buried my nose in Taz's fur and "blew bubbles" while he comfortingly licked my nose.
10. Gave up putting on make-up for lab in the hopes that people will notice how "tired" I look and take pity on me instead of judging me for coming in late (even though I go home so late every night).

Monday, October 10, 2005

sore and tired

I'm so tired today. I'm trying to get up earlier. Plus, I think I've been exercising too much. I keep forgetting I'm out of shape and try to do the volume I used to do. Ugh. It's frustrating. I can't handle 2 workouts a day yet. I'm very sore. At least I'm exercising again. Friday, I had an awesome 4-mile run outside. Later that night, I did weights. Saturday, I got up early and cleaned bunny cages for 3 hours at the House Rabbit Society. That's always a workout, let me tell you! Then, I made myself go to the pool and swam for 45 minutes--yea! Sunday, I was exhausted and missed my morning bike ride for more sleep. By Sunday night, I forced myself onto the bike trainer for an hour in front of Desperate Housewives, and then ran on the treadmill for half-an-hour. My calves hurt today. Plus, I'm tired. I love exercising but I don't want to burn-out or get injured.
Lab is frustrating too. I feel like I'll never get done everything I need to do. I'm in panic mode because I have more experiments than one person can handle to do. Plus, I don't have the freedom a post-doc does yet so I still have to do everything my mentor wants, even if I don't agree. I can't wait for San Diego. I keep focusing on how good it will feel to be done.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

exhausted, but happy

I woke up this morning with a mysterious bruise on my wrist. Hmmm. My lats and quads are sore. I slept like a rock. I feel great. Tuesday, I weight lifted until I couldn't lift anymore because all my muscles were trembling. Then, I jumped on my bike on the trainer and spun my little heart out for an hour. I watched Everest, a short documentary about a team who climbed Mt. Everest. Very inspirational and amazing.
Wednesday, I made myself drive over to the pool and jump into the freezing, cold water (I'm swimming at Wash. U's pool now, instead of the Y.'s) and swim laps for 45 minutes. God, the water got heavy at the end! Who deuterated the water? Then, after making my way through the disgusting swamp of the locker room (after getting my first case of athlete's foot, I'm never showering there again....ewwwwww), I went back to the little 24-hour gym at my apartment and ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I totally tranced out. I felt like I wasn't in my body. I could have run like that forever.
Needless to say, I slept like a rock. I feel great when I exhaust myself like that. Only thing was that I was starving after my run last night. I was craving tuna fish but discovered I didn't have a can opener. Not willing to give up, I searched through my tool kit and pulled out the wrench. I was able to pry open a hole in the can with the wrench after much difficulty (I got tuna oil all over the counter--another ewww). At least I got my tuna sandwich!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Back on track

Things are really starting to get back on track. I reached all my exercise goals last week for the first time in a long time, and it felt wonderful. I don't even feel that sore so I know I'm pushing myself just right. I still feel fresh and ready to go too. I worked out 8.6 hours last week (cumulative)! That includes biking, running, swimming, and weight lifting (Yoga not included).
I went for a long (only 24 miles, but long for me) bike ride on Saturday. It was so liberating to go out by myself and just ride. I went in the late afternoon. Of course, right after the half-way point, I'm riding along, and my chain falls off! Usually, it's not a big deal, but it got hopelessly twisted somehow. I'm not that handy with my bike (yet) so it took me 40 minutes to figure out how to get it back on right! I had to downshift (I had crossed the chain--bad, bad) first and then manipulate the rear derailer and feed the chain through it manually to get it untwisted. By the time I got it figured out, it was dusk and I was covered in grease. However, I got it fixed and got home in one piece (bike and all). I was actually kind of proud of myself. I didn't panic or get upset. I just sat down and figured it out. I knew I would have to rely on myself to get home and there was no use getting upset. It was a very empowering experience.
Sunday, I went on an awesome trail run in Queeny Park with a friend. Lots of hills, but also lots to look at. It was soooo nice. There was a horse show going on at the same time. I had mixed feelings. All those beautiful horses. It was nice to watch but I felt kind of sad about being just a bystander.
Lab has gotten kind of busy again. However, I have a date! December 20th. I hope it all works out. I have 3/4 of the rough draft of the thesis written. I can't believe how fast it is going. The only thing that slows it down is when I think of how much I miss Jason. I can't wait for San Diego. The bunnies are a great comfort. They are soooo cuddly!