Monday, May 02, 2005

Weight Routine

For those of you who might want to see a laundry list of my weight routine (maybe this is boring), I finally got around to weight-lifting last night. It's time to get back with the program. It was a great, 70 minute session. Probably could have made it less, but I love overdoing it. I'm not too sore...yet. Just my butt a little bit. I did lunges, dirty dog, rollies (don't you love the stupid names they give these exercises?), and side plank lifts (10x/set x 3 sets). Then, I did some Pilates stuff for my abs: double leg stretch and leg dips (2 sets of 20-30 for each). This was followed by bench press, lying triceps extension, and chest press. Back to abs: bicycle and side crunch, alternating sets (30 each--2 sets). A circuit of push-ups, triceps dips on an exercise ball, military press, and biceps curls (10 reps each x 3 sets). Abs again (my primary target): leg lifts, double crunch, rope crunch, see-saw, and crunches on ball. Whew! Wait, I'm not quite done. Isolated biceps curl on ball, triceps kick-back, lateral raises, rows, and dead lifts. Then, I finished it up with reverse crunches, side crunches on the ball, angled crunches (hanging off the bed), and oblique crunches (standing with a weight). There you have it! I like to hit all the major muscle groups.

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