Thursday, May 05, 2005


The dreams have begun. I had one about bleeding from my mouth and not being able to get it to stop. That's gotta mean something. Then, I had one last night that my thesis defense had been decided by my P.I. and was going to be TOMORROW. And, of course, I wasn't prepared, and I was upset b/c I wanted to do a good job and not half-ass it.
I got home real late last night, gorged on Boston Market and went to bed. Now, I'm stuck in lab again. I really want to get out and do some goddamn exercise, but the stupid columns are running like molasses. I have to stand there in the f*cking cold room and pull it through with a 1 mL syringe. And I have 35 mL. I'm freezing and cranky. I'm definitely not passing the flow-through a 2nd time. Screw it. Once better be enough. Stupid protein. It better not be degraded, or I'm kickin' it's ass. This better work!
Okay, sorry. Protein purification puts me in a bitchy mood. Plus, I'm majorly PMSing and can't stop eating chocolate. I feel like a fat hog. A good run would set it straight but I think I'm condemned to the cold room tonight. Dammit!
After my committee meeting Tuesday, everything will get better. Just gotta make through Tuesday...

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Kevin said...

Sad times!!

I am sorry that you are having the irritation and frustration of trying to get all of your stuff done...

and of course i am sorry for your pmsing, but that just sucks for all girls in general i am assuming.

hope things get better for you, and i hope you get that run in.