Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lazy Sunday

I did absoutely nothing all day. It was fantastic. I slept in, woke up, drank coffee and laid on the couch and finished reading a good book. (Another item on the wish list crossed off. Go me!) Jason went out for a run and invited me but I opted to take a nap instead. We ate subs and sundaes for lunch and then ordered thin crust cheese pizza from Domino's for dinner. I haven't eaten pizza in about 6 months. It was great. I did the minimum amount of work in lab to get me set for the week. I'm working a bit on my presentation for Tuesday but I feel primed and ready to take on my committee. I think it will be okay. And I can get my life back aftewards.
I came to a realization today. My current exercise goals are set too high to accomplish alongside of my current academic goals. I feel overwhelmed by everything so instead of chipping away at things, I feel incapacitated. I realize that, for now, my exercise is more about fun, health, and fitness and less about performance and competition (which is how it should be anyway, right? I mean, who am, some Olympic great?).
So I've decided to simplify and make things easy for me until I get back on track and into a routine. Instead of trying to do it all, I'm focusing for right now, on what I enjoy most--running. I can put some shoes on and pop out the door, toast some calories, pacify my mind, and be back within an hour. So I'm going to focus on running and strength training for now until things calm down and my body plateaus. On recovery days, I can go for a fun bike ride or swim. But I'm not doing any more triathlons until next season so I will begin a long base-building year. Right now, I'm just going to run. I can add the other things back in slowly as time progresses. Any thoughts on this idea?


Kevin said...

i obviously cant relate to triathlon training, but i can relate to the whole balance/priority thing.

currently, i have signed up for a beginning Hebrew class in the Fall...I am already going through the process in my mind of determining what my schedule should look like while i am learning a language.

one thing i have learned from college and graduate work is that life is about balance. and at different times that balance is going to shift from one aspect of my life to another...if this thing demands that shift (if it is a priority for a season of my life), there must be adjustments to the other areas to keep you from going insane.

Rachel said...

I hate how the balance gets shifted one way or the other all the time.

blake said...

Routine, routine, routine... Humans are animals based on habit and repetition. Before you know it putting running shoes on will be automatic.
It sounds like your priorities are exactly where they should be. Congrats on having a relaxing weekend and good luck with your presentation.