Monday, May 23, 2005

Battle of the Mole

I saw the derm today. He was concerned my mole had changed. So he took it out and is having it biopsied. I feel giddy, dizzy, and disoriented after the minor, minor office procedure. Anyone else feel like this after the doctor? I think I get so nervous beforehand that I feel extremely relieved and happy afterwards since it's never as bad as I imagine. They numbed it up and took a cookie-cutter and took it out. Then, they stitched it up. He said no swimming or weight lifting for a month! Damn! Makes my exercise routine simpler. Abs, biking, and running. Okay. My shoulder is very gross considering they just took out a little mole. They had to put a HUGE bandaid on it to keep it from oozing. I have this cool war wound to show off in lab. Do I get a lollipop?


Kevin said...

that is good that it is at least gone now, even if there is something more to it when he has it looked at.

its ironic that you just now posted this entry...i was looking at the comments posted on your last entry and came back to your home page and it appeared...your mole was actually on my mind at that moment :) i was wondering what ever came of that situation...spooky!

i had a doctor's appointment today as well, and am too a little "giddy". i have been given the all clear by the orthopedist, so while you are not swimming this week, i will be able to start swimming again after a month long hiatus (sp?) :)...sad times for you (till you heal), but yeah for me!!!

i hope you are having a better day with that appointment over!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you can start swimming again. It's weird you were thinking of my mole. Thanks for thinking of me! I like showing off my war wounds. Maybe I'll take a pic of it and post it. Ewww.

Kevin said...

that would be the battle scar...i am all for it :)