Monday, May 16, 2005

Disoriented and Dizzy

Today has been weird. I feel distracted and disoriented. Like I'm floating above my body and watching from the outside in. I felt like that yesterday too. My mind is racing. I keep making lists and I'm getting a lot done but I feel like my wheels are spinning. I guess it's a little of free floating anxiety. I hope I can feel like I'm getting into some sort of a routine. We're close to signing a lease on an apartment in San Diego. I took pics for the realtor. I'm also going to make a decision on my post doc in the next few days (I've already made it, I think, but it's not official yet). All these big-life decisions are making me dizzy.


H said...

If you are moving to San Diego, check out the Triathlon Club at UCSD. They are a bunch of very nice people. Tell Daniel and John I said hi and to get me some Puffins when I come back. (It would really be funny if you did that!)

Rachel said...

I've heard such awesome things about the triathlon club there. I will definitely check it out!