Monday, May 16, 2005

Odd mole

I should explain the word of the day. I have a funny mole with asymmetric borders that has been changing. I did the right thing and scheduled an appointment with the derm. However, the appointment was 3 months after I noticed the funny mole. I asked if this might be a problem. "Probably not," they said. I showed my primary practicioner. "It's probably nothing." she said. I hate that word. "Probably." What the hell does that mean. Anyway, now it's been 2 months and the damn thing is definitely getting bigger. Then, the dermatologist quit unexpectedly, and my treasureds appointment that I'd been waiting for became null and void. I've been transferred to another dermatologist. I have to wait all over again. July they are now tell me is when I can be seen. Don't you think a possibly life-threatening condition takes precedence over some teen's acne? So anyway, if I die of cancer, I'm suing.


Kevin said...

sad frustrating. i cant believe they made you reschedule for a different date, especially when it could be something serious. you would think that they would simply have a doctor come in and handle all of the appointments that were currently in existence prior to the other doctor leaving.

G-Man said...

Our health care system in Ontario is in very poor shape. Close to 20% of the pop do not have a general practitioner. If you need to see a specialist here, you'd better not have cancer.
If your mole changes rapidly you should just go to her/his office and park your ass until you get someone to look at it. Cause an embarrassing scene if necessary.

Rachel said...

Well, I have an appointment for next week. I sounded very desperate on the phone to get this. I even almost started crying. Very dramatic. Only hitch is...the derm is very pregnant and could go into labor at any moment.