Monday, May 16, 2005

Weekend recap

After a verrrry lazy Saturday, I kicked my ass into gear on Sunday. We gardened, cleaned the house, and I took photos of everything to prepare for selling the house. Spring is so pretty here. I want to photograph the house when it looks its best. I cut peonies and roses and put them in vases around the house. I feel like Martha Stewart. Jason saw the photos and was like, "Wow! Those look good." I guess he forgets we live in a nice house. It will be different moving into a little apartment once we move to San Diego. I don't care. I would be happy living on the beach there.
I love taking photos. It was so fun. I kept taking all these artsy photos of flowers. Jason was like, "That doesn't add anything." I know! They're artsy fartsy pics for me, silly! I like to paint the photos I take. It's so relaxing.
I keep dreaming of San Diego and surfing. I dreamt I tried to go in the water, but the waves were full of black wetsuits, and I couldn't get in the water without getting trampled by a surfer. I want to learn how to surf! I also think rock climbing and roller blading would kick ass. I've never done these things before.
This morning, I kept chasing the stray cat away from the bird feeder. We saw it run off with a bird in its mouth yesterday. When we trimmed the bushes, we found bird remannts around the bottom of the bird feeder. It's supposed to be a bird haven, not a bird slaughter house! I kept chasing the cat away from a female cardinal this morning. 3x! Very persistant cat. I want to catch it and put a bell on its neck but it's very sly. I don't know if it's a stray or not. I did feed it tuna fish this winter when it was huddled under the bird feeder, shivering from the cold. I felt sorry for it. This is what I get. I love animals, and I try to help them, and then they eat each other.


Erin Nicole said...

*L* that does tend to be nature's or be eaten.

so just out of curiosity--how much are you putting your house up for?

Rachel said...

We haven't decided yet. Still negotiating with the realtor. It's not officially going on the market until I move out so it probably won't be put up until February. However, if you know anyone who might be potentially interested, let me know.