Friday, May 06, 2005

This week's list of most desired things:

1. Sleep
2. Shopping
3. Go out to the movies and eat a big tub of popcorn and Reeses peanut butter cups
4. Snuggle with the bunnies
5. Run, bike, and swim and not feel like such a pudgy, fat cow
6. Sit in the garden and read
7. Wear a bikini just for the hell of it and feel confident in it
8. Visit the botanical gardens and the zoo
9. Take naps in the sunshine and wake up with plenty of sunshine left in the day
10. Be able to wake up at 6:00 a.m. feeling refreshed and ready to go
11. Have a productive, diverse, and balanced day
12. A day without any plans
13. Eat chocolate See's candies and sourdough toast (San Francisco, of course) to my heart's content
14. See my sister
15. Walk to the Central West End and get ice cream at Ben & Jerry's
16. Be able to go for a run after dark without worrying about safety
17. See George one last time
18. Swim in a lake and then have a picnic
19. Have a BBQ on the patio
20. Read a book and drink tea with the buns on the porch as the sun sets (w/o mosquitoes)
21. Get all dressed up for the hell of it and finally go to one of those parties Carlos keeps inviting me to
22. Spend a rainy day at the bookstore drinking coffee and reading
23. Make it be winter again so I can cuddle inside by the fire and take it slow
25. Sing
26. Confirm AMPK-induced phosphorylation of my favorite protein
27. Try out a new restaurant and drink a good glass of red wine. That's enough to make me a little drunk. ;)
28. To rent a bunch of movies and take a "vacation" but not go anywhere
29. To not feel so guilty about everything all the time
30. To fake my death to everyone except those close to me and escape from all responsibilities

Obviously, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. B.t.w. I'm still in lab. I just wish I could stop time and attend to myself for awhile. Once I feel ready, I'll rejoin the world again. How did time start speeding up so quickly? How has it been 5 years since I started graduate school? What happened?


G-Man said...

I see you still have fine tastes (no pun intended) in beautiful women.
Someday YOU will be the prof handing out shit loads of assignments to students. Be sure to email me when you do your first lecture cuz I'd like to be there pretending to take notes:)
May mellowness be yours today.

Rachel said...

There are so many gorgeous women out there; I have a hard time choosing just one. Also, thanks for your support. It will get better. I have faith. Today was the lull before the storm.