Tuesday, May 24, 2005

24 Little Hours

I feel 100% better today. Yesterday was very productive. It was great. I have tons of energy again. We went for a 4-mile run yesterday evening. It was hot--85 and humid. I had to wear a shirt with sleeves to cover up my shoulder. It was hard, but I did it! I even passed a few people. Okay, I know. I get too competitive.
She was in front of me, and she was starting to pass this other girl. I felt good and picked up the pace. I passed her and the girl she was trying to pass. Jason kept pace, no problem, very entertained by my antics. She was definitely surprised as I blew by her. I settled into a steady pace once again, being quite out of breath after this exertion. A mile down the path, I see a shadow behind her. A quarter mile later, she passes me! The race is on. She had most definitely picked up the pace to catch me after I passed her. I straggled behind her, lungs burning. I could keep pace, but I couldnt quite catch her. We had half a mile left to go. Jason, who had been checking himself to pace with me, couldn't hold back any longer. He let loose, and smoked her. Yea, Jason! I'll take it. The girl definitely didn't like it, and she picked up the pace again, but Jason was gone. She checked her watch and slowed up. I never did catch her again, but I'm sure I could have if I was in better shape. What a run. I love how complete strangers motivate me. I can't believe I ran a 1/2 marathon a little over a month ago.
I felt energized the rest of the night. Not only that, I ate healthy all day! I didn't even succumb to ice cream! Yea! Go me! I was able to pick up the house, iron, shake out bunny towels, garden a little, and then go down in the basement and organize boxes. My mom thought it was cute; I told her I had to go because I had to do my chores.
Gardening was fun. The yard is gorgeous. I knew we would be moving about the time when the garden took off. I just can't believe I planted some of these gorgeous flowers by seed. Except the schizos next door were out, and one must not have taken his medicine or something because he kept shouting, cackling, cursing, and going on about burying people in the desert, shotguns, knives, and pistols. Hmmmm.
I had so much fun in the basement too. Except for all the spiders. Yucky. I took inventory of all the boxes and numbered them carefully. I put other items in a trash corner and a Goodwill corner. Another corner was stuff for my sister. Very organized. We are videotaping the house (it's so nice and clean) tonight, and then I can resume packing, room by room.
I'm in very good spirits. It's gorgeous and 70s and sunny outside. We can sleep with the windows open--such a luxury. The bunnies are happy and playful. Babs woke me up by getting under the bed and digging at the mattress this morning so that the whole bed shook. I swear, if it's not one of them, then it's another. Anyway, here's to another great day for everyone out there!


blake said...

Hahaha. I can't stand it when people pass me on running paths. You have to pass them back, they get so pissed!

You've been a posting machine Rachel. I can't hardly keep up with you!

Kevin said...

I love it when a good workout brightens your whole day!!!

I actually have specific workouts in my memory that have stuck with me...i try to remind myself of them when i have a crappy one. The first one right after my injury was one of the best workouts i have ever had.

i had a great workout last night myself...five mile run and i lifted :)...i dont know if i have commented on this previously, but it is truly sad times that you cant swim or lift anything for a while.

it wont take long for you to get back to passing people!! it is great that jason got that girl back for the both of you!

Rachel said...

I'm posting a lot because lab has actually been kind of a little slow right now. I'm waiting for fat cells to mature. Ironic, after putting in 16 hour days for a month.
I can't wait to start lifting again. At least I can run and do sit ups!