Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Getting back into it

I've taken some down time to focus on lab and interviews. I feel like a cigarette smoker now that I'm starting up again. I've definitely lost fitness. My lungs burn and ache when I run. It sucks, but I know I will get there again. Generally, you lose fitness 2x as fast as you gain it. B/c it's been about 6 weeks of a steady decline, I can expect at least 12 weeks to get back to where I was as long as I take it slow and watch out for injury. It's tempting to push it b/c I remember where I was, but I know I will kill myself if I jump into it too fast. I'm trying to be steady and consistent.
I was doing 2-3 workouts a day before. I tried to do that yesterday, but I was too sore. So I'm content with 1 good quality workout a day for now until I'm less sore. Remember that workout Sunday? I thought I wasn't sore? Hah! I was screaming in pain last night. It felt like I had just finished a 12 mile run!
However, I went for a nice 4 mile run yesterday. I took it slow and accepted that I wouldn't be able to go as fast. It was a bit harder but doable as long as I didn't try to go too fast. I had to let people pass me. It was annoying b/c a few weeks ago, I would have been passing them. Oh, well. That's how it goes sometimes. I was going to do a bike ride last night but was too sore so focused on ironing instead. At least I was productive!
I'm accepting where I am right now. I'm refocusing on getting into shape, getting into a routine, and staying there. It will give me energy and confidence that I need to graduate. Lab is my first priority. There's always next season. It's about knowing when to push, and knowing when to back off. These are important lessons for the obsessive-compulsive people like me. I'm learning a lot. I know there are many others who have to take unforseen breaks in their exercise regime. Everyone has to once in a while. It's not the end of the world. Stay tuned and join me as we get back into it. We'll get there. One step at a time.


Anonymous said...

i totally understand where you are coming from. i saw your workout post from earlier, and i wondered how in the world you did all that in 70 minutes. you must have been literally rolling/crawling/running from one exercise to the next :). that was like one giant "superset".

i, mr. obssesive/compulsive himself, wanted to go back into the gym after work last night, after my "forced routine change/unforseen workout break/injury/annoyance...what have you", and push myself to do what i was doing a couple weeks ago with a healthy shoulder.

(two weeks ago I actually benched the most I had ever benched in my life 4 x's...i could have maxed out at more)

against my nature, and my desires...i held back. which ultimately was good. even with a light chest day yesterday i was still "good sore" today.

...this is me (as you yourself are doing) also accepting that "it is what it is", and i cant do anything about it at the moment. until my shoulder completely heals in about three to four weeks, i will probably be forced to remain in this general area...not pushing it to the limits as i normally would.

one thing my first time back did for me though...it helped me build my confidence that the shoulder would be able to hold up and not pop directly back out of place when i do lift weights (that first set was a little scary)...and as i go back this evening, i know it will withstand some more :).


Rachel said...

It's hard to be patient but it's good to listen to your body. I've been injured too, and I hate being forced to sit on the sidelines. I hate resting between sets (I have a hard time sitting still) so I do a lot of supersets to save time. It's good for the heart and burns more calories too! But, yeah, I was sore yesterday. Better today, though.

Kevin said...

I hate holding back...it is the worste. i am very much the type that when i do something i take it to the extreme (i.e. i am not going to just get up early to exercise...i am getting up at 5:00 a.m. everyday).

that concept seems to roll into every facet of my life actually. for instance, i started going back to church when i was 21...now i am working on a masters of divinity at seminary...contemplating a phd or a DMin.

i actually wanted to comment on a comment you made to me in another entry...

i would disagree with you about supplementation. i do eat healthy already, but i find it hard to get more protein in my diet...i already eat about five times a day, and to get more protein i would be literrally eating every couple of hours. so protein shakes are a good way to help that. also, i added creatine a couple of months ago, and my recovery time increased as well as the amount of weight i was lifting (jumped 40 lbs in my bench in about two months). i added b vitamins (vitamins probably are not really considered suplementation :) ) to stimulate my metabolism, and the weight began to come off again after a very long plateau/dry spell of seeing improvements...

all of this is probably a side effect of my obsessiveness too though. once i started lifting, i started reading articles...which led me to adding supplements to my routine.

hope your day is well.


Rachel said...

If you find something that works for you, then go for it. Everyone has different opinions, different bodies, and different needs. If protein shakes work for you, keep doing what works. I'm afraid I can't be much help on the subject, but I'm sure there is a lot of literature out there on the subject. Just be careful when trying something new. All I can say is do your research.