Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thinking of California. Banana slug in redwood forest near my parents' house. Mascot of UC-Santa Cruz. I kissed one in day camp on a dare when I was a kid.  Posted by Hello


Kevin said...

how funny that you kissed one...i thought only boys dared boys to kiss insects and amphibians.

two questions:

1. was it a boy who dared you or a girl? (i would say that it was a boy based on my guess to probably out ran/beat up/out biked/accepted all challenges from all the boys and dared them to do stupid stuff too)

2. were you a tomboy growing up? (my initial guess is yes, but there is a possibility that you were not of course)

Rachel said...

I can't remember who dared me. It might have even been our counselor. I was one of the only people who did. I didn't think it was a big deal. I was a tomboy and an outcast when I was a kid. I played outside constantly, got poison oak, climbed trees, scraped my knees, and came home covered in mud and grass stains. My mom never got mad. She knew I had a good time.