Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Life goes on

Today is a hot, humid day in St. Louis. Mid May is that funny season in the midwest, somewhere between spring and summer. Sprummer? It's going to be a sweltering 90 degrees today. We've turned on the a.c. Here comes summer.
The plants seem confused. Dry husks have replaced the dazzling yellow daffodils. The rosebud tree swapped its pink petals for broad, green leaves several weeks ago. The irises and azaleas are being replaced by summer lilies. The last few remaining petals from the flowering trees have fallen and line the cracks of the sidewalks like summer snow. The lilacs are still blooming. The peonies have just started. The mysterious columbines are still showing off their unusually-shaped tentacle-like blooms in a multitude of colors. The clematis vines are covered in buds, and the climbing roses have exploded in yellow, softly perfumed, petals. The fragrance in the humid air is thick and heavy.
I breathe it in eagerly, only to sneeze several times. Bring out the Flonase and Zyrtec! It must be spring. Courting season has been replaced by breeding season. The male robins have staked out their territory and no longer offer a cool politeness to other bachelors. Ducks waddle in pairs, caring for their nests. I spotted a family of Canadian geese. The babies were surprisingly large and must have been one of the first goslings born this season. I gave out a big, "Awwwww," as I jogged past. The mother puffed up her feathers with pride. A very cute family.
How did it get to be mid-May? Spring is my favorite season. The garden is calling. Time to get outside again. I've already been bitten by the season's first mosquito. Ahhh, summer in St. Louis. Well, it will be my last so I should enjoy it.


blake said...

Damn 90 degrees? And I thought it was hot down here...

Rachel said...

It's cooler today. I just wish it would rain already.