Monday, March 14, 2005

A Swiftly Turning Planet

This weekend was a big turning point. 2005 is a big year for me and my husband. I'm a 5th year graduate student on the verge of setting a defense date. My husband, Jason, is a research assistant at the Federal Reserve, interested in pursuing a career in economics. He applied to several economic PhD programs across the country for the fall of 2005. I, then, convinced my committee that I should defend by then so I could move with Jason and begin my postdoc in our new location.
So the verdict is in. Jason has received notification back from the programs and we've looked into the best place for both of us. San Diego, here we come! We'll be moving there late August to begin our new lives at UCSD. It's crazy exciting and terrifying at the same time.
Now, I have to actually find a lab out there. Get interviews and convince them I'm worthy. Find a place to live that won't bankrupt us. Set a defense date!!!! (most important) What's exciting is that San Diego is a mecca for outdoorsy stuff like triathlon and everything you could imagine. Jason and I can pick up scuba diving again!
On another note, we ran in the St. Patrick's Day race this weekend and kicked butt. I took a minute off my time from last year. I was too tired the rest of the weekend to do much else.


carlitos said...

Plus, Tijuana is a major drug pipline! You can get virtually anything you want down there. How awesome is that. I think San Diego is a great choice. Congratulations!

Rachel said...

I'll certainly keep that in mind. Afterall, drugs and scuba diving sound like a good combination. ;)