Friday, March 18, 2005

Quote and word of the day

Quote of the Day:

"The secret of success is having the courage to begin in the first place."

Michael Pate - Clydesdale Triathlete; Copyright When Big Boys Tri 2003

Word of the Day:
Brick (n): a double workout, usually a nice long bike ride followed by a fast run of short to medium length. The purpose is to simulate race conditions of jumping off the bike and running full speed. Your legs need to get used to that rubbery feeling you have for the first mile or so after getting off the back.


A_Guy_Curious_About_Blogging said...

Rachel, if I may say so, your words are truly inspiring and you are an eloquent writer as well!

I was unwell over the last week and a half, but since I am better I am going to follow your advice and start real slow by getting fit.

If you don't mind, maybe I can ask you for some dietary advice? What should an unfit guy (or girl) who is interested in getting fit eat or avoid?
I mean, I have heard of terms like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, but dont have a clue what is what.
I am a smoker who is dying to give up before he dies ;)
And I have a feeling that if I start to live healthy, then I'll be able to start making progress in getting rid of the toxins that my body has accumulated over the years.
Maybe you can post what diet you follow on your next blog?
As for me...junk food, microwaveable stuff, an occasional apple or two a day to keep the doctor away!
By the did post an inspirational made my day.

Thanks a lot

A_Guy_Curious_About_Blogging said...

Oh I forgot, apart from Junk food...I also trip out on chocolates! Right now I am on Peanut M&M's

Rachel said...

Thank you for all the nice compliments! I will continue to try to be motivational. Glad you find my blog useful. As far as diet, I would recommend seeing your doctor or a nutritionist to get you started. They can help tailor a plan for your needs. Exercise and diet are important in losing weight, but you need to make small, lifestyle changes that you will be able to sustain for a lifetime in order to maintain the weight loss. Forget "diets". They don't work b/c as soon as you go off them, you gain the weight back. There is no such thing as a "bad" or "forbidden" food. It's all about balance and moderation. You can eat food that's microwaveable that's healthy, and limit your junk food and chocolate (my weakness). I will put up a post on nutrition to see if I can help some more. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!
Oh, and definitely commit to quitting the smoking! It's the best thing you can do for your health. Once you start doing cardio, you'll HAVE to stop or you won't be able to do it. Then, you'll have so much invested in your body and you'll enjoy the cardio too much to ever want to pick up a cigarette again. It's a great way to start quitting. Try the patch or nicorette gum. I think those help (the gum helped me when I used to smoke although I was never a heavy-duty chain smoker). Good luck!