Friday, March 11, 2005

Battered, bruised, and sore as hell

I think I may have overdone it the past couple of days. I feel like I've done 10 rounds. I'm sore everywhere. My ribs even hurt. Last night, I biked for an hour while watching Survivor. Quite nice. Then, I strapped on my new SwiMp3 player and jumped in the pool to swim a nice mile. It was awesome. I like swimming to music. Again, quite nice.
I was in good spirits, but tired when I got home and had to change litterboxes and vacuum the house. I was exhausted when I fell into bed but still didn't sleep well for some reason. This is very unlike me. I think I was so sore I couldn't get comfortable because it hurt to lay down. My pulse was elevated again when I woke up. I think I need a day off. I want to get fitter but I don't want to get injured or overtrain. So I'm taking a day and seeing how it goes.
Tomorrow is the St. Patrick's Day race anyway so I'll be nice and fresh for it. It's going to be cold! In the low 30s. I'm a wimp. I like it in the 50-70 range.
I also banged my elbow on the staircase railing and have a big bruise this morning. Yipee. I'm sort of a klutz.
Okay. Back to work. Lab is picking up again. Hooray!

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