Monday, March 21, 2005

Lokelani McMichael set the Guinness Book of World Records mark as the youngest woman ever to qualify for and complete the Ironman triathlon (2.4-mile open-water swim; 112-mile bike ride; 26.2-mile run). The 27-year old native born Hawaiin has completed 8 Ironman triathlons. Something to definitely aspire to (and lust after).
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A_Guy_Curious_About_Blogging said...

Thank you for your comments and your suggestions, I am going through them one by one and its just taking me a bit of time to get back to your blog, because I have a very hectic sedentary and mundane job in real life.
I have started a bit of healthy eating, honest! And will continue to do what you said...step by step. But I have a problem with which maybe you can help, you can advice me. Yesterday I went to buy a pair of training shoes not the best because I dont get a very high wage. I want a shoe which will allow me to start slowly. Something which will be good for beginners like me, expensive, but its going to last me for at least six months. Only problem, I thought that I was a size 11 but a size 13 was half a size too small!
Can you kindly recommend some brands and particular makes on the internet ? I will then have the chance to do some research in my local store and then go forward.

And I'll tell you what your quote has inspired me to do...for what I really lust deep inside me now.

To take up the triathlon some day even if I am the oldest man to do so. Even if I dont, at least I will be fitter than I currently am


I thank you for making a difference in my life.

May God Bless You

Rachel said...

I'm really glad to have inspired you. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's all about having fun. It's good to have the mindset of taking small steps.
It's hard for me to recommend a brand of shoe for you because I'm not a running shoe specialist, and I don't know how you run. Some people need stabilizing shoes to give them extra support with lots of cushioning. Some need arch support. Wearing the wrong shoe could be a disaster. Maybe you could go to a running store and try on different brands and get a feel for them. You can decide which you like the best and then buy them on-line later.
Also, running magazines like Runner's World reviews different shoes and gives recommendations based on different types of feet. You have to know your foot a little though for this to be helpful. You can access this information on-line as well.
I wear Brooks Adrenaline. It's a stabilizing shoe. I have narrow feet with high arches. My husband wears Asics. I've heard Saucony is good as well. Some people also like New Balance. I'm not a big fan of Nike. That's just my opinion. I've heard the Nike Pegasus is a good running shoe though. You can expect to pay between $75-$95 for a new pair of running shoe. Since you're a beginner, I think 6 months is a reasonable predicted lifespan for your shoes. Good luck!!!

P.S. Brisk walking is a great way to start. So is alternating jogging with walking.

A_Guy_Curious_About_Blogging said...

Thank you once again for your recommendation :)
I'll definitely do as you suggest and thats what I wanna do...have fun in life! You only live once. I'll go to a store and take their recommendation and gradually educate myself. I am a very curious guy and perhaps now is a good time to educate myself about how to have a fit body.
Better late than never :)

Your husband runs too! Wow you are lucky that you have somebody to share your passion. Who knows someday I'll be able to inspire my soulmate to run with me as well.

She rarely listens to me, or if she does, she doesnt admit it. She's kinda shy with me!


Thanks again...and I'll definitely keep on reading your blog for more advice. Hey...please do feel free to read mine and leave a few comments?

Have a great day :)