Saturday, March 26, 2005

Make mine chocolate

To get off the topic of triathlon a little bit, first off, Happy Easter (for those of you that celebrate it)! Second, if you are thinking of getting a cute, little bunny for your kids for Easter, DON'T. They are living, breathing things, and they require care, commitment, and responsibility. That bunny won't be so cute 6 months from now when it's nipping and pooping and peeing everywhere as it goes through adolescence (spaying and neutering takes care of all this). Bunnies are pets that require a lot of care. They can live up to 10-12 years. In addition to food and water, they require routine veterinary check-ups, nail trims, exercise, love, and attention. They don't do well outside, and they don't do well in a cage all the time. I have included a link to the House Rabbit Society website above if you want more information. If you want to get a bunny for your kids for Easter, get a chocolate one. They'll like it better anyway.
On the other hand, for those of you out there who are considering a pet, consider a rabbit. People who are allergic to cats and dogs are sometimes not allergic to rabbits (me). They are affectionate, full of personality, and love cuddling and attention. They can be easily litter-box trained and can be free-roaming in a bunny-proofed house, apartment, or room. Each bunny is different, and there are tons at the shelter that need good homes. My boy bunny licks me, and runs to the doorbell when the pizza delivery guy comes. They clank their bowls on the ground at dinner time. They nudge you when you're not giving them attention. They purr. They jump in the air and kick out their feet in ecstasy when their happy. They play with toys. They display a whole host of emotions: happiness, love, affection, fear, surprise, curiousity, playfulness, tranquility, anger, and stubborness. They are absolutely wonderful, and I highly recommend one for a good home looking for a loving pet.
That's my two cents. Happy Easter!

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gradman1 said...

Bunnies are the Devil's pet. They may look cute and innocent but they are not.

Beware of the bunny rabbit