Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gastric Distress

I was much more successful with my exercise program last night, although I have been having a hard time balancing energy levels and eating patterns. When I want to excersice, I'm at lab. When it's time to excercise, I'm hungry or taking a nap. However, I was able to steal a small nap for only an hour last night. Then, I stuffed myself with spinach-goat chesse croissants and took off for the gym.
Bad idea. I jumped on the treadmill, feeling very sorry for anyone on the elipitical behind me. I had planned on going for 4 miles, but after 3, I just couldn't hold back anymore. I did an emergency stop and ran off for the bathroom. Luckily, I felt just fine afterwards and was able to jump in the pool for a good qualilty swim session.
Gastric distress has hit me more than a few times. On a treadmill, it's not such a big deal. In the middle of Forest Park on a 10 mile run, very big deal. There has been more than one incident where I've had to dash off and use a hidden tree or bush. My husband has a new saying now, "Does Rachel shit in the woods?" Ha ha. Very funny. Anyway, I have discovered a new runninng invention--the pre-emptive Immodium, taken about 20 minutes before a long or intense run. An absolute requirement before any big race. Or, I could just not eat before I run, but I get so hungry!
Everything else on the homefront is good. Cokie has forgiven me for clipping his nails last week and did 5 excited binkies (athletic leaps and bucks in the air) for his lettuce and banana this morning. The new, replaced iPod hasn't broken down again...yet. I'm up to 2 gigs of songs on it. 38 more gigs to fill. Lots of strange dreams last night, some about 20 lb raccoons chasing bunnies, but I don't need to get into that.
I'm excited and ready for the 5 mile St. Patrick's Day Race this Saturday. A lot of my friends are doing it. It should be a blast. And chilly. There's free beer at the end. Just what a runner wants with a H.R. of 180 gasping for air at the end of a race.
I should get back to work if I ever want to graduate. Luckily, things are picking up here so I won't be going out of my mind with boredom (a very rare occurrence, but it drives me just as crazy as having too much to do for some reason...odd).

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