Sunday, March 27, 2005

Procrastination and anxiety disorder, not a good mix

My weekend was much less productive than I wanted. Friday was great. I spent the night at the gym. Did a run and then an exhausted swim. Actually, the swim kind of sucked. I knew I was spent when Jason whizzed past me. Normally, I'm faster (I think the extra body fat helps b/c I'm more buoyant). He asked, "How are you going to swim a mile in an Olympic distance triathlon?" as I stood panting against the wall. I looked at him and gave him a tired smile: "I'll swim it first, before I run." Hah. Touche.
After volunteering for the bunnies on Saturday, I was exhausted. I ate like crap the rest of the day and kept calming down the foster buns. Oscar and the new foster, Cassidy (who's a sweetie to people but not other buns), fought like mad between the bars of their cages. I held each one separately and petted them and talked to them and calmed them down. Oscar finally has calmed down though he's worried about his status and is kind of mad at me. Cassidy has decided she loves me (not a hard one to win over) and runs love-circles around my feet with her tail up every time I come near. She also lets me hold her and pet her. She loves it, the queen that she is.
Anyway, I didn't do anything I had planned on doing. I still need to go clothes and grocery shopping, pick up my bike from the shop, and go on my long run. Panic! 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks. Not time to be skipping the long runs. Luckily, it's staying light longer and the weather is going to be gorgeous on Tuesday so Jason will meet me early in the park for our long, 2 hour, 12 mile run. Ugh. No wonder I skipped it (I took a nap instead).
However, I salvaged some of Sunday. Jason and I gardened like mad. The yard looks great, and I bore a new asshole in mu thumb. Should have been my toes from the long run. Damn. The yard just needs a little fresh dirt and fertilizer. I also cleaned out the closets and bookcases and went through all my clothes. I have about 6 garbage bags for Goodwill. It didn't take long either b/c I "spring" clean like every 4 months. Hey, I try to make the OCD work for me. That's the secret. Hope you all have been more productive than I. Yikes, my anxiety is kicking in big time.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel,

Just thought that I'd post and let you know that I have made some progress in my physical challenge. Still walking a bit and eating healthy.

But I doubt that I'll be able to run the triathlon soon, its going to take a lot more time than I have.

Anyhow, I thank you because you have inspired me to be physically fitter than I have ever been and hopefully I can keep myself motivated the way you do.
You have made a major difference in my life regardless of what happens in the future.

God Bless You

Rachel said...

I'm really glad you're making progress. Don't worry about being able to do the triathlon anytime soon. You're making big changes and demands on your body. Take small steps. A good first goal is a local 5K where the proceeds go to charity. (You can walk all or part of it). I'm really glad to have motivated you. Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions for future posts.