Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Feeling like a great, big adipocyte

I went home last night with good intentions. I was going to bike and then go to the gym as the early crowd thinned out and jump in the pool. I was full of energy when I stepped in the house. I quickly did my evening chores, fed the bunnies, did clothes, went through the mail. Then, I had some coffee and a light pre-workout snack, some rice and veggies.
Afterwards, the toil of a long day at lab trying to invent things to do during another slow week and the postprandial (good word of the day) fatigue set in. I decided to lie down on the couch, just for a minute. Before I knew it, the clock said 9 pm, and my disposable contacts were fused to my eyeballs. I have to break the habit of these evening naps. The rest of the evening consisted of playing with the buns and putting more songs on my iPod, which I have up and running again. (We'll see if it can actually run during a run). And I still couldn't resist a great, big Rocky Road sundae, sprinkled with chocolate chips and dripping Hershey's syrup, topped with 3 cherries. It was so good. At least it was Grand Light and not just Grand.
Chock it all up to that time of the month. It always seem harder to resist the chocolate temptation about now. I feel so bloated. I think I will turn into an adipocyte. Then I can do experiments on myself. Do you think I will be able to graduate early with this strategy?


carlitos said...

Ha! I wonder what kinds of ethical and credibility issues you would face during your thesis defense if you did experiment on yourself. That was not discussed in our ethics class. Then again neither were bunnies or "that time of the month."

Rachel said...

If I could market an anti-obesity drug from the research, I don't think anyone would care. Then I'd be rich!