Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Exhausted and incoherent

I'm tired and having a problem forming complete sentences. I didn't get home from lab until 10:30 last night. Rushed back this morning, only to still be working at 7:00 pm tonight. Oh, well. Triathlon training is out the window. I can barely feed the buns. That's how it goes sometimes. However, my experiments are working well so that's good. Hours in the cold room produced gobs of purified protein. Yeah! Plus, my IPs are pleasing my P.I. She's talking about making figures for her progress report so that's very good. I'm still waiting on people to respond about post docs in San Diego. I've already heard a favorable response from one. It's happening so fast. I just want some sleep. Unfortunately, the bunnies were very loud and playful last night. Babs and Taz decided to play "Yukon Jack" on the cardboard "Cottontail Cottage" they have (as Jason put it), and Cokie rolled the garbage can all over the bathroom at 2 a.m. I just want a good night's sleep and some fairy to change litterboxes and wash clothes for me.

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