Thursday, March 10, 2005

Early bird, burning lamp, and Zoolander moments

I slept like crap last night for some reason even though I was dead-tired. I have that sleep-deprivation headache today that only be cured by massive amounts of caffeine and ibuprofen. However, I was able to semi-accomplish waking up early for the first time in over a week. I'm such a habitual night owl that this has been my biggest challenge and my #1 New Year's resolution for the past two years. Of course, it helped that Jason (my husband) got up first, turned up the heat and turned on the lights, radio, and shower. I sort of stumbled head-first from the bed to the shower. But, hey, I was up by 7 and into lab by 8:30.
Our morning was slightly slowed by a few startling events. The bedroom started flickering all of a sudden, and then the floor lamp started sizzling and popping. Red sparks flew from the top. Then, everything got dark, and the lamp started smoking. Jason ran over to unplug it. We had to open windows. It stunk up the whole house! That was weird. Ghosts, or something.
I've been a little slow all day. Not a good day to start new experiments. Oh, well. Things in lab are starting to pick up, thank God. I've been having these Zoolander moments. At breakfast, I was joking about what I would leave to Jason in my will:

"Don't get your hopes up. I'm not planning on dying antime soon." --Rachel
"But, remember. I make all your meals and coffee." --Jason
"I can't eat if I'm dead, stupid!" --Rachel

Not one of my brightest moments, but at least we had a good laugh.

I'm sore today. Had a great weight-lifting session last night and awesome 4 mile treadmill run with hill and speed repeats. Injury-free, knock on wood. It feels so good after knee problems, a strained hip abductor, and a strained calf muscle. Again, knock on wood. My heart rate was elevated this morning. Hopefully, just b/c I didn't sleep well.

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