Monday, June 21, 2021

Week 4 Off to a Great Start!

 I lost 2 pounds! I've also gained some muscle; my arms and legs are more toned. Now, if I can lose this bowling ball I'm hauling around in my gut. I've been feeling much better about the workouts. They are still challenging, sure, but I'm doing much better considering I haven't been working out consistently in a long time. Lately, it feels like I'm back in training but I don't know for what. I think it may be time to sign up for some races. However, I want to focus on getting the workouts done, having fun, and just enjoying them. Anytime I focus on speed, I feel so dejected. I'm in no shape to go fast right now. 

Summary of Latest Workouts:

Monday (today!) 6/21/21

I did a double session today! First, I ran 5 mile on trails in Wunderlich Park, one of my favorites. The weather was pleasant, and the trail offered lots of shade. Interestingly, the run was way harder than running on streets around my neighborhood, but I enjoyed it much more. I don't have to struggle to make my mind go blank. Instead, I'm constantly entertained by changing terrain, sticks and stones I have to leap over, and beautiful scenery. I love the smell of eucalyptus and treasure the redwoods. The first 2.5 miles was straight uphill and very challenging but I did it and was rewarded with a wonderful, long relaxing downhill on the return. The views from the Meadows were stunning as always. It was hard, but not too hard. 

Afterwards, I stopped for a quick lunch at Robert's Market before heading to Gull Park for a swim. I don't know what got into me but I was just itching to jump in the water and go for a swim. I swam a new route that started off against the current (what little current there was) and then enjoyed a free push on the return. Because it was Monday, I had the entire lagoon to myself. I felt rhythmic in the water and thoroughly enjoyed the flow. I swam this much in a long time. I swam about 1.2 miles. 

Sunday (Father's Day) 6/20/21

I rode Torch to Los Gatos, which was just under 30 miles. It was fairly flat with a tailwind but felt much more challenging than it should have been. I did try to push the pace and was cruising on Foothill around 18 mph for much of the way, which was blissful. The end got tough but that may in part have been due to the rising heat. Saratoga and Los Gatos are about 10 degrees hotter than Menlo Park, and it was 90 when I arrived at my dad's red-faced, dripping and panting. He was quite alarmed but help me cool off and made me lunch. Happy Father's Day! I did bring him a hand-painted card that I carefully wrapped in waxed paper and slipped into my jersey. It's fun pretending to be a bike messenger.


I started with a challenging weights session. Because it was my first workout of the day, I felt fresh and hit the weights hard, doing a mix of machine and free weights. I followed this with a 4.5 mile neighborhood run with Juneau. We went around the school and back. It definitely felt easier than lat time but was a bit hot. I didn't realize how hot it actually was until I finished. It was 84 degrees. 


Weights on the machine and a 1.2 mile swim in Gull Park. I'm just loving these open water swims! (Especially when it's hot!)


Rest day. I hate rest days but it was about 100 degrees outside. I could have gone for an evening run but I wimped out. I guess I should be taking 1 rest day a week.

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