Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Hot Bike

 Today, I biked and did weights. I felt energetic and strong. I knew it was hot, but I decided to go at noon, rather than wait and risk losing motivation. I did the Portola Valley Loop clockwise, which is about 20 miles, peppered with long, slow climbs. I focused on finding a steady pace and spinning evenly. I felt the power from my hips as they rotated in a repetitive, circular motion. I was impressed by all the other cyclists and runners braving the heat like me. I did not bereave my slow pace. Instead, I made sure I was getting a good workout. Sweating? Check. Breathing hard? Check. Legs burning? Check. It felt good. When I returned, I finished up with weights, just in case I wasn't going to be sore enough tomorrow. Apparently, it's 93 degrees out there. I thought it was mid-80s. I had no idea. Feeling proud that I braved the heat!

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