Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Swim Workout of the Day

I will be sharing my masters swimming workouts (UCSD masters swimming--Coach Sickie) in order to start a database of swim workouts. I also am compiling a HUGE list of workouts to choose from so stay-tuned.

After taking Monday and Tuesday off for some much needed R&R, I actually woke up this morning ready to get in the pool. I felt fresh. I've been working hard on the technique and form tips given to me by Sickie, which includes:

1. keeping my head up (I'm a freak, okay? The first-ever swimmer to have head too low and feet too high)

2. stay in my range of motion when reaching forward (I tend to hyperextend my shoulders. Again, I'm a freak. The rest of you--stand tall!),

3. enter with a neutral hand position (palm facing down)

4. reach straight ahead without going too far out (guilty) or too far in (again, guilty).

5. Today, he corrected my wrist position on the entry. I was breaking my wrist so that my hand pointed down, forcing my arm straight down upon entering the water. He had me straighten my wrist out so that a straight line formed from my forearm through my fingertips, allowing a smooth entry and "butterlike" feel of the water. It helped! I did the whole workout without suffering from the usual neck or shoulder pain. Breakthrough!

Today's Workout: Endurance (Going Long)

Warm Up:

easy 100 free

easy 50 breast

easy 50 back

Main Set:

4x100 free (Base +10 sec rest)

1x800 free (base +30 sec rest)

3x100 free (Base +10 sec rest)

1x600 free (base + 30 sec rest)

2x100 free (base +10 sec rest)

Cool down:

4x50 anything but free

Total Distance: 2700 m

(For those of you sickies who want to go farther, in the main set, add 1x400, 1x100, 1x200 before the cool down for a total of 3400 m).

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Cliff said...

Dang, my eyes pop out when I saw the Naked 5 K post :P

Great job on the swim. In 4), when you mention too far out or too far in, are you talking about crossing your center line?