Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Synopsis of my Life--So Far

Went for a nice run yesterday. Afternoon thunderstorms had brought the temperature (but not the humidity) down somewhat. It's hot out there folks! Take caution. I'm not used to dripping sweat. What's this salty substance running down my face?
The garden looks fantastic! It's hard to have a nice yard in the middle of July in St. Louis. The butterflies, birds, and bees (hmmmm....symbolism?) are flocking to our yard. I've never seen so many finches and cardinals! It's fun just to sit and watch. I guess our hard work is paying off. Not only that, all the exercise is beginning to show. I actually felt confident enough to garden in a bikini this weekend...in the front yard!!!
The bunnies are opinionated as ever. Cassidy rings her bell and scratches her nails on the bottom of her pen when I'm late feeding her in the morning. I yell at her to stop. She stops for 5 seconds before starting up again. It sounds like nails down a chalkboard. Ugh. Silly girl.
She needs a home. I have to give her back to the "orphanage" in August when I move into a 1-bdrm apartment, and I feel terrible about it. I wish she was going straight into her adopted home (wheverever that may be). She's such a fantastic bunny...very smart...very affectionate, playful, and outgoing...she's like a puppydog. I hate this part of fostering. It's never enough. I tell her that her home is out there somewhere and that she's a wonderful bunny. I give her kisses and scratch her ears. They're all wonderful and special. When you foster, you get to know each one's quirks and special qualities.
Babs is mad at me and a little scared after the bonding sessions. She's been very mistrustful of me lately. I've been giving her lots of kisses. I can't give her too many treats b/c she's gotten so fat! Poor beautiful princess. I feel guilty about her weight.
Oscar and Taz are very happy lately. Oscar knows he's staying, and Oscar loves the excitement of having a new friend. He's been so affectionate! He follows me around and flops down beside me to watch t.v. and get pettings. He gives me lots of kisses and purrs and squeaks in satisfaction.
I'm realizing that the move out of the house is speedily approaching. I feel panicky, even though everything is under control. I've done so much that I feel ancy without more to do! I want to start doing things like going to the zoo and the Botanical Gardens one last time. Plus, we need to go out to George's resting place and say our final goodbyes.
My sister is coming in two weeks!!! Yea!!! We're going to go shopping, play with music, go to Grant's farm, watch movies, and throw a huge BBQ and party! I'm SO looking forward to it. I can have lots of fun and act like I'm 19 again. No more calling me "Mam". (This cashier at Einstein's called me Mam like 6x this morning! Ugh!!!!)
Lab is going terrific. My protein gets phosphorylated in a regulated manner!!! I'm making mutants! Yea! Mutants! All my playing around with radioactivity is paying off. Thank God! I may be able to graduate with 3 published papers! Oh my God!
I have to get an ultrasound of the lump in my breast tomorrow. It's going to take a long time. They may take a biopsy. I'm just glad I'm getting this thing over with so I can make sure it's nothing and move on with my life. Double Ugh.


Mon said...

Good luck w/your test tomorrow!!
It will be good to cut loose with your sister, it's great to act silly!
Poor cassidy =( If I lived closer I'd snatch her up for my lonley boy Boo's! She sounds like a great bun, someone will snatch her up. Fostering IS great, I have always wanted to get into it, but that is what I dread, letting them go. But I got exactly what I wanted in Boo's, because his foster knew all about him, and matched us perfectly! I don't think people get enough recognition for doing that, so I'm saying, your fantastic!!!! It is hard work!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Mon! Fostering is hard, but it's rewarding too.