Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Productive, Novacaine, and kiddie collisions

Yesterday was so productive. I hope I can keep this feeling. After waking up super early for a run and running around in lab like a chicken with its head cut off (poor chicken), I sped off to the dentist to get a filling replaced.
Yuck. I hate Novacaine shots! They were very nice. He did a very good job. I barely felt a thing. Plus, they turned on Animal Planet while they worked so I got to hear about monkeys and elephants--definitely a plus. 40 minutes later, he was done and warning me about not eating until the Novacaine wore off. I looked at him, confused:
"What do you mean? It's already worn off."
"Are you sure?"
"Well, I think so. I can rub my tongue over the gum where you gave the injection, and I feel it."
"Wow. I guess it's worn off. That's some pretty potent stuff I gave you. It's a good thing I didn't give you the short-acting Novacaine. You must have a really fast metabolism."
"Oh. Really?"
"Don't worry. That's a good thing."
I personally thought it was a bit freaky. I don't want stuff wearing off in the middle of an operation! Anyway, I was fine by the time I left the office. I popped into a fancy-schmancy grocery store next-door and did all the grocery shopping. (See, Jason? I can too do it.) I whisked home and let Jason into the house (he forgot his key) and we had a nice dinner of sushi, sticky rice, and strawberries. We digested and watched Nanny 911 (a good way to confirm my decision not to have kids). I ran upstairs to feed the hungry buns and then, Jason and I sped off to the gym to go jump in the pool.
I had a very nice swim. I really got into my groove and just swam. I loved it. That's why I like swimming solo instead of taking classes. When I took a master's class, I was always worried about what everyone was thinking. I like taking the occasional private and working solo. It's more fun. Maybe I'd improve faster the other way, but I'd have less fun. Some people get a lot out of the classes, and that's great. I guess I'm sort of anti-social. I'm just looking for that escape--that release.
The only annoying thing was that these kids kept jumping into the lane while we were swimming and hanging out there. Jason held back, waiting for them to move. I paused, observed that they were not planning on moving anytime soon, and were just being rude snots. I plunged onwards, kids in my path or not. I figured a good collision might teach them a lesson. Jason got the idea and followed suit. He's much more intimidating than me. The kids got the idea and scrambled out of the way. I still think I accidentally swiped a few of them with my outstretched hand during the downward portion of my stroke. Oops. People don't realize that, if you're swimming freestyle properly, you can't see anything in front of your path. And that even though you're in water, it hurts when a swimmer hits you.
Anyway, yesterday was fun and busy. Today is very busy. I'm trying to get everything ready for the party this weekend and my sister's arrival tomorrow. It's a good motivation to get the house cleaned....


Kevin said...

It drives me crazy when kids are hanging out in the lap lanes and the lifeguard doesnt do anything about it.

I had a kid jump in the pool right in front of me while I was in a lap lane in a public pool once. the kid almost landed directly on my head, and the lifeguard never said a word. I have never been back to that pool.

Mon said...

You deserve a metal. I fear the dentist. Phobic! Ack! I don't go! My teeth will rot out of my head first. Sad! I had a bad experience.

Erin Nicole said...

oooh, you make me wanna leave work and go to the gym. i'm craving a routine where i can work out more. this summer has been so busy that i have slacked on my gym going a lot!! i'm picking a date for a 10K race though, so that should motivate me!

see you saturday!!