Monday, July 18, 2005

Bunny bonding

I'm so happy with how the 3 buns have been doing. I put them in a pen last night to continue their bonding. Babs is still scared of Oscar. When he goes over to her, she flattens out, growls, and bares her teeth. She runs up to him to bully him, realizes he's bigger, and runs away. Oscar is great. He ignores her or acts bewildered by her actions but is not aggressive at all. Little Taz (1/3 Oscar's size), loves Oscar! He shows off in front of him, bounding circles around him. Taz licks Oscar's face and ears (Oscar loves it) and nibbles on his tail and hind feet (which Oscar amazingly tolerates). I'm just tickled to death with this accomplishment considering it took 6 months for Babs and Taz to bond--I think it will take much less time for the 3 of them to bond. I finally got Babs and Oscar to lie next to each other while I petted them. Taz, feeling left out, did a dive-bomb between them, squeezing his little body into a bunny sandwich. He stretched out like a pancake with his little hind feet sprawled out behind him and licked Oscar's cheek. The three of them laid snuggled up like that for 10 minutes! It was sooooooo cute.

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Mon said...

How adorable!!! There is nothing cuter than bunny love!!!!!