Monday, July 25, 2005

Highlights of my Weekend

1. Got home late Friday night and crashed on sofa while stuffing face.
2. Slept in Sat. morning while Jason diligently went for morning run.
3. Spent 5 hours at main bunny foster house cleaning poop and pee out of 16 cages. Felt very proud of myself for working so efficiently.
4. Went home and crashed.
5. Dragged myself to lab for 5 dreaded minutes.
6. Saw War of the Worlds. Not impressed but enjoyed movie popcorn and bittersweet chocolate Toblerone. Mmmmmmm.
7. Slept in on Sunday while Jason made pancakes and coffee.
8. Proceeded to stuff self with pancakes and then drift off to sleep in bloated, insulin-loaded, postprandial state.
9. Dragged self all over town searching for inflatable pool for upcoming party--went to Party City, Lowe's, WalMart, Target, and Toys'RUs before giving up.
10. Barely made it home before almost melting into pavement from walk from garage to house in 110 degree weather with 120 degree heat index.
11. Escaped from 5th ring of hell into nicely cooled, air-conditioned house.
12. Proceeded to take 2nd nap of day while snuggling next to Tazzer-schmazzer mookie bear.
13. Woke up confused and sweaty--made myself change litterboxes.
14. Finally did some exercise--slammed coffee and went to basement to lift weights.
15. Had very successful bonding session with Oscar, Babs, and Taz.
16. Could not convince self to go to lab and take care of cells and drifted off to sleep, feeling very guilty and thinking about all the stuff that still needs to get done.

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