Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rachel's List of Recommendations:

1. Recent movies I enjoyed:
Batman Begins
The Jacket
The Machinist
2. Recent purchases I love:
iPod shuffle--It rocks!
swim goggles with corrective lenses
Calvin Klein pleated tankini
3. T.V. show I'm hooked on:
"30 Days"
4. Favorite restaurant in St. Louis:
The Harvest
5. Favorite song to sing while biking:
"I like to move it"
6. Favorite place for dessert:
The Chocolate Bar
7. Favorite place to run:
Forest Park
8. Favorite place to bike:
Trailnet's Bicycle Fun Club weekend rides
9. Favorite fun thing to do during the day:
The Zoo
Missouri Botanical Gardens
10. Favorite place for a day-hike:
Shaw Nature Reserve
11. Places I want to visit before I leave in the area:
Grant's Farm
The Butterfly House

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