Sunday, August 29, 2021

Getting Ready for a Half-Marathon

 I'm about to start Week 4 of school. School is exhausting. I had forgotten. It seems I can workout most mornings before school but after school is a crap shoot. I've never been able to get up early before. All of a sudden, I'm an early bird? I'll go with it. I've also lost 17 pounds and am maintaining it so far. 3 more to go to reach my goal! Feeling strong, feeling proud. 

Week 13: Training Continues

Monday (8/23)-weights in the am. swam about 2300 yds at Burgess after school. Did a descending ladder starting at 500.

Tuesday (8/24)-ran about 5 miles with Juneau before school

Wednesday (8/25)-swam with my friend at the M-A pool early in the am. She said I looked faster! Made me so happy. Did about 2300 yds. Main set was 3x200 and 4x100s at race pace with 20 seconds rest. I was so tired after school, I went home and went to bed at 4pm!

Thursday (8/26)-rest day. Tired and felt out of sorts. 

Friday (8/27)-ran 6 miles with Juneau. Pooped my pants. It happens. Had a massage after work and went home and went straight to bed. I've been TIRED lately. 

Saturday (8/28)-rest day. bad air quality and really hot (95 degrees). I could have done weights. I did lots of school work. And napped. Feel much more rested.

Sunday (8/29)-ran at least 13 miles at China Camp to preview the course for next weekend. I got very lost and kept running in circles. It was like the Bermuda Triangle. I'm very glad the course will be marked for next weekend. I still had a great time and am glad I have a bit more knowledge about the course. I was out on the trail for 4 hours!

Week 12: Sandman Triathlon

The second week of school kicked my butt even more than the first. I still got my runs and weights in but that was about it. However, it worked out since I had the Sandman Triathlon on Sunday. It ended up being the perfect taper. I had a great race too! Very chilly (54 degrees) ocean swim with some nauseating swells (750 yards). I was surprisingly slow. Maybe because I was against the current? Anyway, it took me over 20 minutes! The bike was only 13 miles but very hilly. I took my road bike and ended up just riding my regular wheels, which was definitely slower. However, it rained, making the roads very slippery. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. The bike took me 53 minutes. The run was 4 miles in sand. Lots of holes and seaweed to dodge. My shoes got soaking wet. I felt strong but definitely not fast. I think the trail running helped. Overall, I came in just under 2 hours. It was a fun workout. I had a great time and will definitely do that again. 

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