Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Moving fiasco

Fiasco--that would be a good name for a horse. I like way it rolls off your tongue. Fiasco.

Anywho, that's not what this post is about. This post is about how crazy it is to move. A headache, I am getting (Yoda speak). So, the plan is very complicated now, but I've made all the reservations. Yipee! Here's how the twisted triangle of moving will play out:

1. ABF drops off 28-foot trailer. We pack it. They pick it up.
2. We fly out to San Diego 1-2 days before ABF gets there.
3. Take cab to U-Haul place.
4. Pick up 10-ft U-Haul truck (you'll understand in a sec).
5. Drive to apartment and meet dad with Nissan pick-up truck and bed.
6. Unload bed, park pick-up truck in parking spot (for Jason until we bring out car in Dec.)
7. Shop for groceries and cleaning supplies and get apartment ready for move-in. (Utilities are scheduled to begin the day before we arrive).
8. Bunk out in new, empty apartment as we wait for ABF (or stay in hotel). Hmmm. Money? Or comfort? Hmmmm.
9. ABF drops off trailer at apartment. Meet mover we have hired for the day to help with heavy stuff.
10. Unload sister's stuff into U-Haul truck.
11. Unload rest of stuff into apartment.
12. Dad drives sister's stuff up to parent's house until sister's apartment becomes available in September.
13. Help Jason finish unpacking. Fly back to St. Louis.
14. Jason begins graduate school.
15. Defend in December.
16. DHL ship rest of stuff to San Diego.
17. Load up bunnies and suitcases into Corolla and drive back to San Diego in December.

Phew! I'm tired just thinking about this. I have ABF, U-Haul, and plane ticket reservations. I have packed 50% of stuff. I have the plan worked out with parents and sister. I have the gas and electric set up. Am I forgetting something?

I keep getting criticized for planning everything so early. "You're not moving until December," they say. "Actually, it's August," I reply. Anyway, why should I be ashamed that I'm organized? That I'm planning ahead. It's only a little over 2 months away. And it's going to get hectic. Why not plan it now, when I have the time, when I can get the best rates, and not have to worry about it anymore?


Erin Nicole said...

dude, i just had a killer idea!!

road trip in december!! you need company for the trip, right?? so i'll ride with you to san diego...enjoy the beautiful weather for a day or so and then fly my happy ass back to stl...

whaddya think??

Kevin said...

The plan sounds great!!!

To heck with the people that think you are planning too that you have the plan set in place, you can account for any bumps along the road.

Josh said...

Hi Rachel,

Sorry you didn't take to that site. I was more curious about your thoughts at the end of the discussion, regarding how scientists should interface with the general public, but maybe you didn't get that far before you got turned off...

Are you working in a biology lab down in SD? One of my friends from college works in SD (she only went to Madison for a semester), at a biology lab, and also does triathlons. Her name's Dafna -- if you're still doing biology down there, I'd be shocked if you didn't run into her at some point.

Rachel said...

We would love to have you. It would be a lot of fun. The only thing is that it may be kind of a squeeze b/c all 3 bunnies are going into a large carrier in the backseat (in our little Corolla). Do you think you would fit next to them? I'd have to see how much room is left.

Rachel said...

Kevin--thanks for your support in the plan. I agree. I'm prepared for bumps.

Erin Nicole said...

ah, see i thought you were going by yourself...i didn't realize that jason was going too.

Rachel said...

Josh--I think it's very important that scientists try to educate the public on the myths and truths of research. Lately, there's been all this talk of stem cell research amongst politicians and journalists. Not one person interviewed has been a scientist. This just pisses me off b/c you really need to hear from a researcher who studies stem cells to understand both sides. So I agree with you on that.

I'll be working at the Scripps in San Diego in an atherosclerosis lab (macrophages). I'm hoping to study the activation of immune pathways by lipid molecules. Cool, huh?

Rachel said...

Yeah, he's coming back to celebrate after my defense.