Friday, June 03, 2005

Healing shoulder, incredible birds, and poor Babs

Things are going well. I have felt very productive lately, which I am relieved about. I don't know why but I've been working hard at it so maybe that's part of it. My stitches came out yesterday, and it looks really good. The doc doesn't need to do anything else with it; it's not cancer. He just told me to watch my moles since I may be predisposed to having them change. No problem. I'm good at being paranoid.
Yesterday, at lunch, this little female sparrow hoped onto the table (we were eating outside), looking for a handout. I broke off a piece of a potato chip but couldn't place it on the table w/o it falling through since it was made out of an iron-grid like thing. So I held it in my hand and reached my hand out. Without hesitation, this plucky little bird hopped right over and grabbed it out of my hand! Can you believe it? What a brave little thing!
There was this other time a starling was trying to drink water out of the pool on a hot summer day in July (not so good for the poor bird but the apartment we were living in didn't maintain the pool all that well anyway so there wasn't much chlorine). She couldn't reach her beak over far enough from the side to get to the water. I gently splashed the water over the side of the pool, trying to make a puddle but it wasn't enough for a drink. She looked at me and hopped onto my shoulder, hopped down my arm to my hand and allowed me to bring her to the middle of the pool so she could reach down and get a drink of water. She hung out there for several minutes much to the astonishment of everyone in the pool. When she noticed that everyone was staring at her, she took off. That was so incredible.

Today, I'm very worried about Babs. She had a tummy ache when I woke up. Didn't want to eat, lying listlessly in her litterbox, tummy hard on one side, and had an overall dull, grayish complexion. I gave her 2.5 cc Propulsid orally (stimulates the gut) and massaged her tummy for about 30 minutes. She finally moved away to a quiet, cool spot. I watched her for another 15 minutes before reluctantly coming to lab. She's had it before--gastric stasis. I'm going to go home a few times today to check on her. If she's still not feeling well this afternoon, I'm taking her to the vet. They'll give her an I.V. and an injection of Propulsid, which hopefully, will make her 100%. Otherwise, I'll have to force-feed, which sucks (for both her and me). I hope she's okay. I'm worried. Poor little girl.

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