Sunday, June 05, 2005

Late night in lab

Another week is about to begin. I think I could use a few days just to myself. I finally feel caught up and back on track. I really like the rules I've set for myself (even though I totally blew bedtime last night--2:30 a.m. is not okay!). I'm trying to follow them. They're helping me get into a routine.
I'm getting these late-night urges to work in lab lately. That's where I've been all weekend. Here I am again. I could have done it earlier, but, no. I had to wait until almost 6 to come in for 4 hours. Ugh. My own fault. It will feel good to start off Monday with everything in order.
Today was HOT again. We went for a 4 mile run this evening around 7 p.m. (Yea, me!), and it was in the 90s with the humidity. Eck. No wonder it felt so hard. I've been sore afterwards, but I'm doing it. I know if I keep at it, it will get easier.
I played in the garden today too. Playing for me is weeding and deadheading. It was great. I have never seen the garden like this. Everything is taking over. It's like a jungle. I can't believe it because I remember when it was a bunch of dirt. I saw a baby praying mantis. They're very good for gardens. I also saw the most adoreable baby squirrel trying to get bird seed out of the feeder. He was soooo cute.
Last year, I found a nest of confused baby squirrels at the base of a tree on one of my runs. One was trying to cross the bike path and was wandering a little too close to the road for my comfort. I tried to chase him back to the nest but he was too little to be afraid of me. Instead, he mistook my leg for a sapling and climbed right up! I picked him up and carried him back to his brothers and sisters. Oh, God, was he cute. (Another time, I pushed a confused, medium-sized, pissed-off snapping turtle off the bike path but he wasn't as cute).
The only thing that sucked about gardening was all the bugs. I have mosquitoe bites everywhere b/c I forgot the DEET. I think I counted 16 or so. I hate them b/c I scratch, and the bites scab up and leave a scar. I have them on my neck, wrists, ankles, shoulders, back, legs, fingers, and 5 on my ass. Guess my ass is tasty. Gross. Something also stung my knuckle and it hurts like a motherf.cker when I where gloves in lab. I guess I have war wounds from gardening to show off now.
I'm really trying to stick to my new workout plan. I think it's so cool how your body tells you how hard to push it when you run. You don't have to think, just listen. I'm always sluggish for the 1st half mile as I warm up. Then I pick up the pace but I know if I push it too hard b/c I'll start to feel a little light-headed. My body knows just how fast to go and adjusts automatically when it's hot outside. There's all these gadgets people use (heart rate monitors, for instance, which I use sometimes, I admit), but it's so nice to go sans watch or monitor and just listen to your body.


Kevin said...

I know what you mean about the scratching and scars...our family has a farm, and when i was a kid, i got poison ivy almost every summer from playing in the woods.

i ran outside yesterday too. our temperature is about like yalls right now...very hot and humid. I ran about 3 1/2 miles (walked about a mile of it actually), and came back to the truck sopping wet from head to toe. i almost needed a towel on the seat to drive home lol.

i like running on the treadmill better(temp control). I ran 6 1/4 miles on the treadmill sat. that is the farthest I have ever ran...and I feel like I did it in a pretty good time. I only lowered my pace twice. I want to get better at running outside...I am having trouble adjusting to the heat though.

btw...i finally found out that the bike that i am getting is a Centurion (Dave Scott) ironman. I am going to get it this week (hopefully). Do you know anything about that bike? (I dont think they make it anymore...I didnt find much about it on the web)

Rachel said...

Do you drink water when you run outside? It's hard to run when you lose 5 lbs of water. Treadmill running is convenient in the summer in the midwest. I love putting a fan in my face too!

I don't know anything about the bike, unfortunately, but it sounds nice. Nothing on the web? That's unusual. Hope you have lots of fun with it. The nice thing about biking is that, unlike running, you can still usually bike in hot weather b/c you create so much wind (ahhhhhh).