Saturday, June 04, 2005

Following the rules Day 3 (6/3/05)

Did very well today even though I went to bed late last night. Babs is doing much better, by the way! Anyway, I have been very productive. Full, busy day in lab, snuck in a grueling 4 mile run, and went home to change litterboxes and vacuum the house. Whew! Exercise? Check. Dessertless? Check. That's a start. I did go to bed about an hour late though, causing me to wake up 1 hour late on Saturday (1 am to 9 am). I'm an 8-hour girl! I have to work on the bedtime thing.
Saturday was less ambitious, in part due to the draining 95 degree, 90% humidity weather. I definitely broke a few rules on this one! After a nice massage, we went back to the house, and I took a comatose 3-hour nap. I love 3-hour naps! Even though I took the nap before 5, it was way too long, and it's screwing up my bedtime tonight too. Especially b/c I got this motivational bug at 10 p.m. and just had to go into lab to soothe my paranoia. So that's what I chose to do on a Sat. night. So I'm a nerd, so what?

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