Tuesday, June 21, 2005

feeling lousy

I felt pretty good yesterday. I ended up gardening for 2 hours, changing litterboxes, and ironing for 2.5 hours though so I didn't leave enough room for exercise. I'm really really pissed at myself about that. I can't believe how much I've lost (muscle-wise).
Today, I'm covered in mosquito bites and mysterious bruises. And the scale read 1/2 a pound more, even though I cut out desserts! I've decided to cut out lattes and switch to coffee. It's cheaper as well. My shit in lab isn't working and I have the beginnings of a migraine headache. At least, I think it is. I've had it since last night, it makes me really naseous and dizzy and Ibuprofen doesn't even make a dent. Overall, I'm feeling pretty low. I want to go home and take a nap and watch bad daytime television.

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