Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bunny expo

I feel a little better today. The key is to try to be productive. My routine is still shot to shit because I've been so busy in lab. I'm playing with radioactivity today again so it'll be another long day. However, I'm very proud of myself because I forced myself to get on the trainer and bike and then do a weight lifting session last night at 11:00 p.m. so I wouldn't totally lose everything. So I'm tired and sore today but at least I exercised! I have to get back into shape and lose the 4 pounds I've gained since April. Yikes. I haven't followed the no dessert rule or going to bed early and waking up early rule very well. I have to work on that a little bit more.
Don't you hate it when you're walking and you trip on something and almost fall? I did that this morning. I'm walking along, not paying attention to where I'm going because I was too busy appreciating the flowers in people's yards. The sidewalk was very uneven in one spot where the root of a tree was pushing up out of the cement. My foot caught on the root, and I fell forward. There was that sickening moment where I hung precariously in mid-air, arms waving wildly out to my sides. Then, my foot came free, saving me from a potentially bad fall and even more embarrassment. My cheeks filled with blood as a wave of naseauting embarrassment washed over me. I continued on, avoiding contact with all strangers, smirking in the shadows. Duh. My interesting morning.
I took the bunnies to the Bunny Expo for the House Rabbit Society of Missouri this weekend at the Humane Society to volunteer. It was an educational expo about bunnies. All about how to care for them, house them, exercise them, feed them, etc. I set up a bonding pen and bonding demo with Oscar, Babs, and Taz. Hey, minize well kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Volunteer and have a bonding session. I talked to a lot of people about how to bond their bunnies. I was worried my buns would be totally stressed out in a strange place with strange people, but they loved it! I brought blankets, toys, treats, a litterbox, and a quiet place for them to rest. They loved how the day was all about them. It sort of turned into a petting zoo for the kids. I let them come in and pet the buns. I was worried b/c Oscar and Babs don't particularly like kids, but they were excellent! Babs and Taz ate it up, and Oscar tolerated it very well. No grunting, charging, or biting! They were so cute.
In addition, the bonding went well. Babs couldn't dominate Oscar, b/c he's twice her size. Taz really likes Oscar. He uses him as a bodyguard. When Babs bullies him, Taz runs over to Oscar where Babs is too afraid to follow. Oscar pretty much ignored them although I think he appreciates his new fan. Taz was mimicking him--laying down when he did, grooming himself when he did, eating hay when he did; it was so cute. I think the trio will do great!
Babs was so precious. She flopped over and did the dead armadillo thing she does to get my attention. She was very clingy. It was cute. She put her paws on me and crawled into my lap when I was "ignoring" her, and she followed me on the perimeter of the pen when I had to leave to go to the bathroom. What a baby. I had really dreaded going at first, but the bunnies made it so fun because they had such a good time. I was exhausted but happy at the end of the day. ... Then I had to go into lab.
My bunnies are the best. I have more pics to post soon when I get a chance.


Mon said...

A bunny expo sounds like a lot of fun! It really does help to do those, because that is where I got turned on to bunnies, with the HRS. People are constantly suprised that I let my bunnies out to play, they play? YES! Everyone assumes they just take up space, but they are wonderful pets if you take the time to care for them. My little survivor was tossed around from home to home because no one wanted him. He was taken to a rescue by the last owners' vet, because they wanted to put him to sleep, they didnt want him anymore. The vet took him. He is a little love bug, who lets you hold, brush, and pet him. Plays with his slinky, and his treat ball. I can't imagine why anyone would end his life! Education is the only way to stop people from getting them on a whim, and not caring for them. Kudos!

RosieBoo said...

I'm glad life is a bit better for you, Rachel. A weekend loving on bunnies is a sure cure!

Rachel said...

Mon, I totally agree with you. People have no idea how wonderful bunnies are. All they ask for is a little love.

Rosieboo--thank you for your support. Bunnies are the best. They always make me laugh, no matter what mood I'm in. When I was feeling my lowest, I went upstairs to check on Oscar. He made me laugh b/c he had dragged his cotton sheets (a toy for him) into his pen and was all rolled up in it. It was so hilarious.