Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I have a new theory. It's called inertia. Okay, it's not new. Anyway, I think I have an explanation for why I've been so lazy these past few weeks. A body at rest stays at rest. And why at the end of such a busy day, I feel all reved up and ready to go. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Therefore, if I can get into the routine of being more active, it will feel more normal, and I'll tend to stay that way. See how that works?

I did an experiment today!!! Yea! Just an IP, but still, it felt good to do something. Plus, my adipocytes are differentiating, and they are gorgeous! All sorts of beautiful lipid droplets strung around the nuclei and clustered in the cytosol like shiny, little beads or pearl necklaces. I'm so proud of these little guys. I get to do more experiments tomorrow. Hurray! The waiting is over. I like being busy in lab. It gets me going.

I feel like I've done a ton today. Now, I have to run off to this fancy schmancy dinner and seminar at the Chase b/c I'm "high-powered" as Jason says (whatever). Whew!

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