Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy Birthday, Babs and Taz!

Babs turns 4 this month, and Taz turns 6. They were both June babies. I don't know Oscar's b-day. He is about 5ish. Many, many more! I'm hoping they both live energetic, happy lives to at least 12. They're both still very spunky! And sooo sweet. We made a snuggle-pile last night and watched Seinfeld. They think I'm mommy bunny. Although I don't know the exact date in June when they were born, I think the 17th is good. It's in the middle of the month, and it is the 6-month anniversary (to the day) of George's death (whom I dreamed was still alive last night, which he is in spirit). It's a way to remember all my animal babies.

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