Thursday, June 02, 2005

Calorie recap--breaking the rules

For Wed., 6/1:

bagel w/cream cheese: 400
grande skim latte: 120
chocolate torte: 350
turkey sandwich on
wheat w/mayo: 400
fruit: 100
diet Pepsi: 0
chicken w/sauce
and wild rice: 400
bread w/butter: 200
salad w/dressing: 100
caramel apple pie: 500
red wine: 50
tea w/skim milk: 20

Total: 2640 calories

RMR: about 1250
normal day (no exercise): about 1800 calories

about 840 calories surplus


Kevin said...

What does RMR stand for?

I am guessing it is your current caloric intake goal?

Rachel said...

no. that would be way too low. rmr is resting metabolic rate--the amount of calories you burn just to stay alive (if you were in bed all day long). I probably burn about 1800 a day with daily activity. I would strive to eat about 1700 without exercise and then with exercise, I would be able to eat about 2000 a day since I'm not really looking to lose weight. I'm trying to mostly match calories in with calories out (although I wouldn't mind a small deficit)

Kevin said...

is there a simple way to figure out my RMR?

Rachel said...

Go to calories per hour dot com. They have calorie calculators. Based on your sex, age, height, and weight, you can enter sleeping for 24 hours. That's your RMR (a pretty close estimate).

Kevin said...