Thursday, June 23, 2005

Interactive Question of the Day

I got this idea from another blog. I think it's cool.

If you won 10 million dollars, how would it change your life?


blake said...

I'd live in a different house, work at a different place, drive a different car, hang out at different bars/clubs. It would basically give me license to be a self-righteous asshole. Something all rich people enjoy.

Kevin said...

In a perfect world, I would hope that money would not change my life too much.

I would probably own a house, own a car, and get out of debt...I would also help all of the rest of my financially struggling friends. I would like to fly more too...I flew for only the second time in my life last week, and very much enjoyed it.

But hopefully, my personality wouldnt change.

Rachel said...

I would have a barn with pastures and arenas, a track, an outdoor, heated swimming pool, trails, and a cross country course for the horses. I would start my own large, domesticated animal sanctuary and rescue abused horses, donkeys, and mules. I would also breed and train horses. I would live in the country somewhere where I didn't have to deal with too many people and surround myself with animals.

gradman1 said...

I would make sure my family and myself were cared for and then establish a scholarship program that helps underprivileged kids pay for college.